Harnessing the power of the sun and sky, the SKYVIEW Pendant Pro brings dynamic natural light to transform whole buildings into wellness havens  

CARLSBAD, Calif., Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On the heels of launching a lighting solution for consumers’ desks and tables with the SKYVIEW 2 and SKYVIEW 2 Pro, SKYVIEW™ is now entering commercial spaces with the all-new SKYVIEW Pendant Pro. Elevated on the ceiling for greater exposure, the SKYVIEW Pendant Pro has an impressive 8-foot impact radius so employees and guests can experience commercial-grade natural light while in an office, hotel lobby, or conference space. Easy to install and powered by the patented SKYVIEW light engine, this wellness solution positively impacts people on a biological level and is proven to increase productivity, focus, sleep quality, and even elevate mood.

Deepak Savadatti, CEO of BIOS Lighting, parent company to SKYVIEW, highlighted the concerning trend of modern lifestyles increasingly disconnecting from natural light rhythms. Savadatti emphasized that “spending 93% of our lives indoors has resulted in widespread circadian disruption affecting 90% of the population, with significant implications for mental and physical well-being. In response to this challenge, the SKYVIEW Pendant Pro offers a solution by bringing the full spectrum of sunlight and sky hues indoors. This innovative lighting system not only promotes individual well-being but also enhances business performance by fostering a healthier biological equilibrium, leading to improved mood and productivity. Transform your hospitality space into a haven of wellness, valued by both employees and guests.”

Created by former NASA engineers, SKYVIEW blends meticulous craftsmanship with science to reconnect humans with the revitalizing power of “natural light” at the right time of day. SKYVIEW has already been making a difference for individuals and is now available for larger spaces, and more people with the SKYVIEW Pendant Pro.

    • Made for Humans: No other commercial lighting provides enough dynamic, biologically-relevant color spectra to boost the natural body rhythms that keep you alert and active during the day.
    • Powered by Nature: Not only does SKYVIEW replicate the sun’s light better than any other product, but it’s the only product that also replicates the sky’s changes seamlessly for 24-hour wellness support.
    • Customizable For You: SKYVIEW Pendant Pro easily syncs with the SKYVIEW app, available for iOS and Android devices, which enables users to personalize the experience starting with sunrise, sunset, daytime, evening, and night modes during the 24-hour cycle.

SKYVIEW’s impact as a total mind and body wellness companion is well-documented. Through trials at a top Fortune 500 company and Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, SKYVIEW demonstrated notable advantages over standard ambient lighting environments:

    • Elevated Mood & Focus: Employees who were exposed to SKYVIEW during the workday experienced an improvement in mood (33%) and focus (55%), and workers at the hospital experienced a 12.5% calculated boost in productivity.
    • Optimized Work Quality: Employees made fewer mistakes with SKYVIEW, enhancing their performance by 3x on average compared to working under standard ambient lighting.
    • Increase in Motivation: Under SKYVIEW’s influence, workers reported a significant 78% increase in motivation, emphasizing the light’s role in driving professional and personal improvement.
    • A Feeling of +3 Hours of Sleep: The trial used the Karolinska Sleepiness Scale (KSS) to determine the effects. The results showed that the effects were as significant as an additional cup of coffee, all-day, without the caffeine crash.

Every building from corporate headquarters to a hotel lobby has the same challenges of providing adequate light for humans. SKYVIEW is the only product to meet the WELL Building Standard for light. A space that is not wellness-compliant can be turned wellness-compliant simply by installing SKYVIEW products. Whether you’re an employee working in-office for the day, or behind the front desk at a hotel or resort, SKYVIEW is an aesthetic solution to support a variety of wellness needs.

“Natural lighting is fundamental to our health and wellness. Any hospitality brand seeking to incorporate wellness elements should look towards upgrading their lighting first,” said Poonacha Machaiah, CEO of Chopra Foundation. “SKYVIEW stands out as the first product I’ve encountered that brings together all of the elements of natural lighting that enhance wellness.”

SKYVIEW Pendant Pro is now available for purchase at https://skyviewlight.com/business/

For additional information on new SKYVIEW products, https://skyviewlight.com/


At SKYVIEW, we commit ourselves to human health and wellness by harnessing the science and power of natural light, fostering a world where people can live their best.

Founded by former NASA engineers, SKYVIEW sets itself apart by blending meticulous craftsmanship with science to reignite the essential bond between humans and sunlight.  SKYVIEW is your window to the revitalizing power of natural light, a premium addition to your wellness routine, and a transformative influence on your daily performance. It’s not just about lighting up a room; it’s about lighting up your life. SKYVIEW is indeed ‘more than light’.

Discover your best self with SKYVIEW, a human light proven to enhance your productivity, mood, and sleep.


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