Commercial Grow Lights for Plants and Food

Engineered for Reliability

Grow Lighting for Food

Industry leading crop uniformity, unprecedented effective thermal design, a minimal footprint and a brilliantly simple installation method.

BIOS grow products are ideal for indoor, greenhouse, and vertical growing applications. Our high efficacy, full spectrum white light solutions offer an unmatched balance of plant production control, visual acuity, and ease of use.  

Grow Lighting for Other Plants

Our spectrally-engineered lighting products are perfectly balanced, bringing you the industry’s most efficient and effective white light fixtures for commercial production. All IP66 rated, truly industrial grade, and more durable with a cleanable glass lens that won’t scratch, yellow, or lose intensity over time.

Controlled Environmental Agriculture Applications

Green House Farming

BIOS IP66 wet-rated, full-spectrum LEDs are robust, easily cleaned, and ready to grow. Designed for production, our LED lights help growers focus on their plants instead of their lighting fixtures.

Vertical Farming

BIOS LEDs offer unique characteristics that help your growing facility grow up. Our RapidRack™ tool-free mounting solution integrates seamlessly into Grow Racks and our LED grow lights offer industry-leading uniformity at close distance.

Indoor Farming

Decrease hot spots, and reduce HVAC loads & energy costs by 50% when you replace HPS bulbs with Bios full-spectrum LEDs. We help growers unlock their plant’s potential by bringing the power of natural light indoors.

Do You Know About Rebates?

Bios has an in-house rebate specialist that will help identify additional savings unique to your operation. By researching local, state, and national rebate and financial support programs, we are able to shorten your return on investment and ensure you are maximizing savings.

The BIOS Difference

At Bios, we solve problems with science. Using a biology-first approach, we look at plants on a cellular level to identify the very best spectrum to optimize growth across all phases of cultivation. We continuously ask what growers need. We get answers, we create solutions, then build products that not only offer your plants the exact spectrum they need, but fixes issues that growers face everyday. Moisture, durability, set up, fading output, bulkiness, control options, longevity, and mounting flexibility may have been problems before… considered them solved with Bios. We always start with science and nature— so your plants will love our lights.

Our cutting-edge design ensures you’ll love them, too. 

Light Spectrum Focused on Plant Biology.

By researching plants at the cellular level, the scientists at Bios Lighting have connected specific light spectrum to key factors of plant growth.

We’ve applied our knowledge to the design of Bios LED grow lights, and have created cultivation lighting solutions that drive production and enhance quality.

Bios is focused on developing LED lighting technology that is backed by true grow science – not bro science.

Originally Developed at NASA.

Your Indoor Growing Facility could be like the International Space Station. No… really.

Plants have evolved for millennia under natural sunlight. So when NASA wanted to grow plants in space, away from the rhythms and qualities of lighting they see on earth, they needed some impressive and innovative LED science and technology. And you can get that same science and technology from BIOS grow lights.

Nature may have the best lighting… but BIOS isn’t far behind.

True Industrial Grade. Built to Handle the Elements.

We know a thing or two about extreme growing conditions- like the South Pole and the International Space Station. So, when we designed our industrial-grade lighting fixtures, they needed to provide the perfect lighting conditions for your crops in challenging indoor spaces, including vertical farming and greenhouses. And with our IP66 rating, they will withstand humid, wet, and dusty environments. They’re tough as nails, easily cleaned, and can help reduce your maintenance and lamp replacement costs.

Plus, Bios LED grow lights come fully assembled with tool-free installation.

They’re everything plants need…

and everything growers want.

Cultivator Success Stories with Grow Lights

We can tell you how our agricultural lighting gives plants the exact wavelengths they need, no matter what stage of growth they are in, helping them grow stronger and faster and produce more… Or how our fixtures are IP66 wet-rated and can withstand extreme grow environment… Or how our setup and installation is unbeatably quick and easy… Or even how our former NASA scientists dig deep into plant science, down to the cellular level, to provide the most effective grow lighting you can find on the market today. As scientists, researchers, engineers, and designers, we’re proud of our products and love talking about them.

But you should really see what innovative growers have to say…

Cultivator Success Stories

“With decreases in our power bill and, increases in our overall yield, BIOS LEDs are a welcome addition to our premier cultivators’ family. The performance, durability, and efficiency of these LEDs made BIOS a clear winner in our search for the perfect lighting solution.”

Talk to a Horticulture Lighting Expert

Bios is committed to helping growers and cultivators of all kinds succeed. We’re here to talk – we will connect you with a horticultural specialist from our team who will work with you to create an optimized lighting plan for your commercial cultivation facility. And it’s free. That’s how much we believe in our technology at Bios.

Why BIOS LED vs. HPS lighting

Are you considering the switch from HPS to LEDs? We’ll advocate for LEDs any day… and the experts will, too.

Maybe it’s their long lifetime, energy efficiency, or the full spectrum that your plants crave in every stage of their growth that makes us love these LEDs…

  • Energy-Efficient – Lower Utility Bills
  • Lower Heat Output – More Environmental Control
  • True Industrial Grade – Production Dependability
  • Full-spectrum Supports All Growth Phases
  • High Light Intensity Boosts Yields
  • Industry-leading Uniformity
  • Longer Life Span
  • Easily Cleanable – Even in Rugged Environments
  • Reduced Micro-climate Hot Spots
  • Glass Lens for Durability and Spectral Integrity
  • Flexible & Convenient Mounting Options
  • Vertical Grow Facility Capable
  • Red Wavelength Suitable for Flowering
  • Low Start-up Costs
  • Wide Coverage Broad Spacing Capable
  • Heat Output Reduces Humidity
  • Locked-in Spectrum for Certain Growth Stages