Why Bios

Solutions designed with the grower in mind.

Loved by Plants and Growers

The Bios team approached grow lighting from a different angle. By focusing on plant physiology, our team of scientists have developed lighting solutions that open a plant’s potential. Through research, we have identified key factors in light spectrum, intensity, and efficiency, all of which can enhance quality and production while lowering operational expenses for commercial cultivation facilities.

It’s not just plants that love our lights – Bios LED lighting gives growers far more control than they’ve ever had before. Built to be long lasting, versatile, and easy to install, our fixtures excel in even the most challenging of environments. This allows growers to push their plants to new levels and control production factors, empowering them to respond to an ever-changing supply chain.

If you don’t love your lights, you haven’t tried Bios.


Whether you’re growing indoors, vertically, or in a greenhouse, our range of products is guaranteed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations

Visual & Biological Balance

Our Grow Lighting is the highest efficiency white light in the industry driving higher quality yields with lower operating expenses

Built to Last

IP66 rated for any environment. Glass lens for quick cleaning and scratch & UV resistance means consistent and dependable production

Extraordinarily Easy Set-Up

A range of mounting options and our RapidRack Technology save you time, money, and frustration on installation

Backed by Research and Mother Nature

Taking what we know about plants in nature, we’ve designed a unique spectrum that more effectively meets the needs of plants at every stage of growth, resulting in robust plants, higher yield, and lighting you can depend on 365 days a year. 

We designed everything with you, the grower, in mind, like industry-leading  installation speed, mounting options, minimal footprints, unprecedented heat sink technology, and remote power supplies that provide optimal performance. And did we mention we offer the most effective white light spectrum in the industry?

Led by Former NASA Lighting Expert

NASA operates in the most trying of environments: Space. And whether they are growing plants or regulating circadian systems of astronauts, they always use science as their foundation… And so do we.

Scientifically Designed for Growers.

Unbeatable Light Output.

Uniform full spectrum lighting for any stage of growth.

Built for Longevity

Cleanable, scratch and UV resistant glass lens and IP66 rated.

RapidRack™ Mounting System

Setting up your grow lights has never been easier. Truly.

Bios Lighting Ti3

Industry-Leading Efficient Visual Acuity

Most efficient white grow light on the market.