Commercial Grow Lights for Cannabis

More Power. More Flower.

BIOS for the Entire Cannabis Life Cycle

Our biology-first approach means you’ll always have the right light for your plants, no matter what stage of growth they are in. Our attention to detail means you’ll experience true production control, easy setup, flexibility, comfortable white light for visual acuity, easy cleaning, and energy efficiency.


3-10 DAYS

The propagation stage of a plant refers to the point in a plant’s maturation when it is able to be intentionally reproduced usually by way of some method of cuttings, and still be a viable plant able to reproduce on its own.



In horticulture, the vegetative stage refers to the phase of plant growth that occurs after germination/seedling stage and before flowering, during which the plant develops the majority of its foliage, a strong root system, and truly flourishes. 


8-12 WEEKS

The flowering stage, sometimes known as the blooming stage or fruiting stage, refers to the phase when plants produce their flower sets.


12 WEEKS +

A mother is a plant from which a grower cuts clones, which are new plants that are genetically identical to the mother plant. 

Cannabis Grow Lights



Nothing installs, maintains, and produces like the Li2. High output with a unique production focused spectrum boosts yields and enhances cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Featuring a cleanable glass lens and multiple mounting options. The Icarus Li2 provides unmatched performance with simple installation and maintenance. 



Passive cooling from our scientifically designed heat sink technology extends the life of this rugged, high output, broad spectrum grow light. Its minimal footprint boosts access to sunlight, while providing energy efficient supplemental light. Industry-leading science-based  spectrum provides crucial white light while saturating the specific red & blue frequencies that maximize photosynthesis.



This is the most efficient white light grow product on the market. With a minimal footprint and passive cooling, this durable, high output, broad spectrum grow light boasts a glass lens for easy cleaning & reduced spectral degradation that extends the life of your fixture.



These lightweight, easy-mounting linears have a sleek profile that maximizes growing space, and high output, uniform full spectrum light optimal for cannabis production. Our unique RapidRack™ installation system combined with a remote power supply makes it the fastest installation in the industry.



Durable, lightweight, broad spectrum linears with adjustable mounting options for varied light spacing. White light provides a broad spectrum that maximizes plant growth and enhances visual comfort for growers and plant inspections.

Compare BIOS Grow Lights

Wouldn’t it be great if a lighting manufacturer laid out all of their lighting specs in a way that is easy to digest? Bios has done just that. We have created a comparison tool that allows you to view our grow lights side-by-side to determine the best lighting fixtures for your commercial cultivation facility.


“With decreases in our power bill and, increases in our overall yield, BIOS LEDs are a welcome addition to the Constellation Cannabis family. The performance, durability, and efficiency of these LEDs made BIOS a clear winner in our search for the perfect lighting solution.”


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Talk to a Cannabis Lighting Expert

Bios is committed to helping cannabis and hemp cultivators succeed. That’s why we’re here to talk. We will connect you with a specialist from our team who will work with you to create a customized lighting plan – optimized for your unique facility. All for free. That’s how much we believe in our technology at Bios.