Why Bios

Leading Experts in Light and Health

Designed by Nature, Backed by Research

We don’t just make products — we make solutions. Every product we develop is intentionally made to purpose. To do this, we must first know and then adhere to the science. Through our biology-first approach, every one of our products is thoughtfully designed around research, creating the highest quality, most effective wellness lighting products on the market today.

As circadian lighting researchers and industry experts, we look to the sun and how it impacts our health and wellbeing. Using nature’s recipes, we create biologically impactful products — to help you unwind and sleep, or help you rise and shine; because we know how important circadian regularity is to human health. Engineering the perfect natural spectrum is difficult… but now, getting it doesn’t have to be.

Circadian Expertise
Our team proudly includes a former NASA Lighting scientist, leading circadian lighting researcher, and Jet Lag Mitigation Expert, bringing you industry-leading circadian lighting technology.

Biology-first Approach
BIOS focuses on various biological pathways for the best benefit in our wellness products.

NASA Spinoff
BIOS Circadian lighting technology inspired by our work with NASA and decade’s worth of research on the impact of light on human health and well-being.

WELL Compliant
WELL Focused BIOS is an advisor to the International WELL Building Institute because of our dedication to wellness through light.

Technology for Space, Now in Your Living Room

If astronauts can thrive in space with this technology, it can work for you on earth. As a NASA spinoff, and lead by NASA’s former Lighting Subject Matter Expert, we have the tools in-house to turn research into solutions. We’re firmly committed to science, problem-solving, and making better technology.

And our better technology means your better health.


Cutting Edge Technology

NASA Approved

Our team is led by the Subject Matter Expert for NASA International Space Station circadian lighting system.

Industry Leaders

We’ve developed the most comprehensive wellness lighting, triggering melanopic, visual, and skin-based pathways to improve circadian response through interior lighting.

Leading Circadian Research

Bios is engaged in research collaboration with leading universities and governmental agencies on light and health.

Jet Lag Mitigation Expertise

Served as Advisors to the US Olympic team and professional sports teams on lighting to maintain performance during time zone shifts using circadian entrainment tools.