Why Bios

Lighting Without Compromise

Designed by Nature, Backed by Research

We don’t just make products – we make solutions. That means every spectrum we develop is intentionally made to purpose. Through our biology-first approach, our lighting technology is thoughtfully designed around research, creating the highest quality, most effective wellness lighting spectrum on the market today.

As circadian lighting researchers and industry experts, we use nature’s recipes to create biologically impactful products- to help you unwind and sleep, or help you rise and shine. Our lighting technology just performs better… and so do its users.

Our goal at BIOS is to create visually comfortable lighting with industry-leading circadian impact.

We offer comfortable CCTs (3000K, 3500K, 4000K) to accommodate visual comfort. And our holistic approach to wellness lighting pinpoints wavelengths that are received by melanopic, visual, and skin-based pathways to trigger daytime alertness, cognition, mood and circadian rhythms.
Compromise-free Circadian
Circadian benefits you need, at the color temperature you want.

Design Freedom

Circadian Lighting is for everyone! The depth of our BIOS Illuminated Partners gives specifiers and designers access to a variety of wellness lighting forms.

WELL Compliance
We make wellness lighting. And with industry’s high melanopic ratio, meeting WELL is easy with BIOS.

NASA Spinoff

Circadian lighting technology inspired by our work with NASA and decade’s worth of research on the impact of light on human health and well-being.

Lighting for Healthier Interiors, Even in Space

We’re firmly committed to science, problem-solving, and making better technology. We’ve created industry leading circadian lighting that works in outer space; And with our SkyBlue™ technology, we’ve brought it down to earth.


And now our expansive list of BIOS Illuminated Partners, can bring it to you – making beautiful interiors healthy, too.

Cutting Edge Technology

We rely on proven science to create a spectrum that makes a difference. Our SkyBlue technology peaks where the greatest melanopic and skin-based responses occur for elevated energy, performance, and health.

Industry-Leading Visual/Melanopic Balance

Spectrally tailored to meet WELL building standards while maintaining visual comfort.


Designed by Subject Matter Expert for NASA International Space Station circadian lighting system.

Leading Circadian Expertise

Research collaboration with leading universities and governmental agencies on light & health, and jet lag mitigation advisor to US Olympic team and professional sports teams.

Accessible and Adaptable

Dynamic lighting simplified; Our Bio-dimming module allows day night configuration with common dimming controls (single 0-10V dimming, DALI, etc).