Brighter Days,
Sleepier Nights

Biology-First Approach.

Circadian rhythms

With NASA’s International Space Station circadian lighting Subject Matter Expert, an Olympic and professional sports teams Jet Lag mitigation expert, and research partnerships with governmental agencies and leading universities on light and health, our team of scientists make products that solve problems. And we do it using science.

Why BIOS for Day & Night Lighting

Unlike other circadian lighting “technologies,” SkyBlue provides a light wavelength that communicates directly with human biology via a non-visual photoreceptor in the eye—the natural blue-sky light that our cellular biology has recognized for tens of thousands of years.

BIOS has revolutionized indoor lighting by reverse engineering human biology to create LED lighting solutions that provide the natural “blue-sky” spectrum of light that our bodies need to maintain healthy sleep patterns and promote well-being.

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“I’ve had this lamp since it first came out. It’s been months now and I can say with confidence that this lamp does what it says. Definitely has made the winter months more tolerable, especially days where you just sit on endless zoom and don’t get to go out. Simple but effective form factor that distributes light evenly, great as task light – or “ring” light, for all your zoom needs. Personally very impressed with how it renders skin color, almost accurate like daylight. And yes, obviously, it’s mesmerizing.”

My Nguyen