Case Studies

Circadian lighting used in Assisted Living Facilities

Senior Living Case Study

1 in 8 people age 65 and older will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease1. With this diagnosis comes many mood, memory, and behavioral changes, including uncharacteristic and problematic behavior, such as increased wandering.

Blue Skies Texas Freedom House

The project is centered on the belief that the physical environment has a significant impact on the cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being of its inhabitants. Circadian lighting was a key strategy implemented to help support the goals of the project and provide wellness to staff and residents within the facility.

UCSD Gary and Mary West Emergency Department

The Gary and Mary West Emergency Department at UC San Diego Health in La Jolla is a state-of-the-art unit specialized in treating seniors requiring emergency health care. It is the first in California to treat qualifying patients over the age of 65 in a dedicated space customized for geriatric emergency care.