Architectural Wellness Lighting

Designed to help you work better, work faster and feel better doing it.

Why BIOS for Architectural Lighting

What if a building could energize or calm its occupants – just through lighting? How might that improve productivity at the office? Skyrocket reviews for a luxury resort? Raise real estate prices? Quell agitation in a senior living facility? Increase engagement in the classroom? Or avoid accidents during the night shift? The benefits are innumerable… and they’re real.

And it’s all possible with BIOS’ energy-efficient BIOS SkyBlue circadian technology.

Bios emulates the makeup of nature’s light spectrum, resulting in lighting products that our bodies respond to. While tunable lights are designed to color, our lights are engineered to physiology.

And that’s what makes us different.


A Lighting Evaluation Program Designed

To Promote Better Wellness

Did you know we spend more than 90% of our time indoors under lighting that contributes to brain fog, midday sleepiness, and nighttime restlessness? What if your lighting could improve your health and wellness?

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See How Freedom House Alzheimer’s Care and Research Center Increased Staff Productivity and Improved Patient Outcomes

Daytime Wellness Architectural Lighting

Using wavelengths that trigger wellness in humans, we’ve design our spectral technology for daytime only spaces.

Day & Night Wellness Architectural Lighting

Using wavelengths that trigger circadian response, we’ve designed dynamic, 24-hour lighting solutions to regulate circadian systems and create biologically healthier spaces with light.

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Brighter Days, Sleepier Nights

Introducing the SkyView Wellness Table Lamp