BIOS SkyView™ is the first wellness table lamp of its kind to merge beauty and science with our patented BIOS SkyBlue® circadian technology. SkyView™ cycles through four different modes Sunrise,Daytime,Sunset and Nighttime that will provide you with Brighter Days and Sleepier Nights.

  • Biological Benefits
  • Strengthens Your Circadian Rhythm
  • Increases Alertness
  • Enhances Productivity
  • Boosts Mood
  • Promotes a Better Night Sleep

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Wake up with energy.


Live with more natural drive.


Relax every evening.


Sleep more soundly every night.

We Plant a Tree with Every SkyView™ Purchase

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with (TAG) Eden Reforestation Projects to aid in the efforts of reforestation and poverty alleviation! Click the button below to see the difference your purchase can make!

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Can I set the SkyView™ lamp to a desired setting at any time of the day? E.g., nighttime during the daytime?

Yes, users have the ability to do this manually but if they want to download the mobile app the lamp will transition between modes via solar sync which is setting duration and timing of sunrises and sunsets based on location or customers can personalize sunrises and sunsets based on their preferences.

What is the SkyView™ lamp made from?

SkyView is a custom artisanal crafted unit with custom billet aluminum stand and hand-blown dual layer etched glass. Meticulous crafted to bring the spectacle of outdoor lighting indoors with 360 degree color separation technology- which provides the effortless blend of colors simulating the sky (sunrise and sunset) mixed with the BIOS SkyBlue Technology to help entrain circadian rhythm.

Is it safe to be exposed to this technology for extended periods of time?

Yes, the longer you are exposed to it the better. Numerous academic studies have been shown to prove that the biological improvements are:

  • Strengthens Circadian Rhythm
  • Increase Alertness
  • Enhances Productivity
  • Boosts Mood
  • Promotes A Better Nights Sleep

What product testing was conducted?

Decades of research and experience from Robert Soler, Co- Founder and former NASA Engineer. Ongoing clinical research.

Why Is SkyView™ different?

Meticulous crafted by biological experts to bring the spectacle of outdoor lighting indoors with 360 degree color separation technology- which provides the effortless blend of colors simulating the sky (sunrise and sunset) mixed with the BIOS SkyBlue Technology to help entrain circadian rhythm.

How close do I need to be to the lamp for it to ‘work’?

With the 360-degree viewing it can be placed anywhere in a room to receive its biological benefits.

Does the SkyView™ light negate the impact of blue light from staring at my computer/phone screen all day?

The specific skyblue frequencies reduce pupil size to minimize hazard from blue light, mitigating the impact of harmful blue light from computer screens.

I have those blue light glasses for nighttime – does the lamp work with those?

SkyView™ complements those glasses. With nighttime glasses don’t know when to put them on and with SkyView™ it gives behavioral cues to when to put on blue blocking glasses.

The lamp has a 13-year lifespan based on 3 hours a day – if I’m using this all day how long will it last? Isn’t the recommendation that I use this throughout the day?

If you use it 24 hours a day long it will last for over 8 years.

The warranty is only 1 year, but what if it breaks after that?

We provide our customers with a lifetime of support.

The lamp design is reminiscent of an airplane window – is that intentional? Would it help with jet lag?

The design was not intentional. Yes, it can help with jet lag.

There’s been some research on morning people vs. nighttime people and that some of this is someone’s biological wiring – how does SkyView™ fit into that? Could this make me a morning person? [chronotype and personalized settings?]

SkyView™ tailors to the specific chronotypes to make it unique to them to give them biological benefits while maintaining desired social scheduled.

Customer Reviews

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Doesn't work.

I got it today, was very excited for it. After messing with the app, it turns out that the light cannot be changed on commands to "Sunset" or "Sunrise", but rather has to be tied to a certain schedule. Shame, since I am a person that works at crazy hours that vary, and would need to change the schedule every day in order to get the right light setting. Maybe a design flaw? I was gonna let it pass, but then came the issue. The lamp is faulty. I changed the schedule to my crazy hours, the app changed the lamp schedule...and the lamp remained unaltered. No change in color. It's supposed to be on nighttime mode and it's on daytime mode. I changed the schedule on the app, now it's supposed to be sunset...still daytime. I change the schedule to daytime and let it wait. The entire day passes and no changes on the lamp. I turn it on and off...suddenly it's nightime?? Honestly, for the money I paid I expected at least more customization options (or the lamp to work how it's supposed to).

Mesmerizing and reliable

I’ve had this lamp since it first came out. It’s been months now and I can say with confidence that this lamp does what it says. Definitely has made the winter months more tolerable, especially days where you just sit on endless zoom and don’t get to go out. Simple but effective form factor that distributes light evenly, great as task light - or “ring” light, for all your zoom needs. Personally very impressed with how it renders skin color, almost accurate like daylight. And yes, obviously, it’s mesmerizing.

Game changer

We live in North Idaho a lot of gray sky In the winter. This light lifts your mood and works flawlessly. The quality of this light is impeccable. I would give it more than five stars!

Great Light and Great Sleep

After getting a better understanding of this technology and how it can help with the wellness of the body and mind I decided to get one! Let me tell you this purchase was great! Having the app was really cool to have so you can make the adjustments as needed. I would definitely recommend this light to every and anybody!

Great Light & Design!

I decided to purchase this light after seeing its beauty in a photo and learning more about it online. The sunrises and sunsets are awesome and the circadian rhythm element which you can control through their app is so cool - unlike any other light I have have seen! I am thoroughly enjoying my Wellness Table Lamp. Bios customer service went above and beyond to personally send me updates on my order as I was one of the first to order the light, Bios has shown me the light - literally! I recommend this to any and all who want a unique, sleek, and innovative table lamp for their home, bedroom, or office space!