SkyView™ Wellness Table Lamp

BIOS SkyView™ is the first wellness table lamp of its kind to merge beauty and science with our patented BIOS SkyBlue™ circadian technology. SkyView™ cycles through four different modes Sunrise,Daytime,Sunset and Nighttime that will provide you with Brighter Days and Sleepier Nights.

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  • Biological Benefits
  • Strengthens Your Circadian Rhythm
  • Increases Alertness
  • Enhances Productivity
  • Boosts Mood
  • Promotes a Better Night Sleep


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Lighting reimagined for where you live and work.

BIOS SkyView™ is the first wellness table lamp of its kind to merge beauty, science and wellness with our SkyBlue™ circadian technology.

This revolutionary NASA technology harnesses the healing properties of natural light—from sunrise to daytime and evening hues—so you can accomplish more each day and sleep better each night. And with the mobile app, you’re free to customize your experience seamlessly.

 So whether you’re working, studying, or parenting from home, light up the spaces that matter most with a table lamp that’s tuned to your biology.


9 in stock (can be backordered)

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Technical Details


 Lamp Wattage 20 Watts
Daytime Melanopic Ratio 1.5
Dimmable Yes/Triac
Voltage 120VAC-277VAC
Diffuser Hand-Blown Glass
Light Output (lumens) 1,200 lm


Biological Benefits

Strengthens Your Circadian Rhythm

Increases Alertness

Enhances Productivity

Boosts Mood

Promotes a Better Night Sleep


Tap Into Biology.

Unlike circadian LEDs that rely on color tuning, SkyView™ is attuned to our biology by design. By stimulating melanopsin response and syncing with your circadian rhythm, our patented SkyBlue™ circadian technology brings the biological benefits of natural light indoors.

Experience Brighter Days And Sleepier Nights.

Wake up with positive energy, work through your day with steady focus, and get the sound sleep you deserve every night.

Live #NaturallyBrilliant with SkyView™

Power Your Health And Daytime Alertness.

SkyView™ emits wavelengths in the “sky blue” region of the light spectrum, proven to strengthen circadian rhythm, increase alertness and productivity, and brighten your daily mood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set the SkyView™ lamp to a desired setting at any time of the day? E.g., nighttime during the daytime?

Yes, users have the ability to do this manually but if they want to download the mobile app the lamp will transition between modes via solar sync which is setting duration and timing of sunrises and sunsets based on location or customers can personalize sunrises and sunsets based on their preferences.

What is the SkyView™ lamp made from?

SkyView is a custom artisanal crafted unit with custom billet aluminum stand and hand-blown dual layer etched glass. Meticulous crafted to bring the spectacle of outdoor lighting indoors with 360 degree color separation technology- which provides the effortless blend of colors simulating the sky (sunrise and sunset) mixed with the BIOS SkyBlue Technology to help entrain circadian rhythm.

Is it safe to be exposed to this technology for extended periods of time?

Yes, the longer you are exposed to it the better. Numerous academic studies have been shown to prove that the biological improvements are:

Strengthens Circadian Rhythm
Increase Alertness
Enhances Productivity
Boosts Mood
Promotes A Better Nights Sleep


“I got this lamp to help dispel my yearly bout of Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD). I placed it at the corner of my desk in my living room at the beginning of winter, ready to take SAD by the horns. What I did not expect was how much I would come to enjoy this lamp! During the day, it provides me with the right light to improve my alertness and serves as lighting for my never-ending zoom calls. In the evenings, it adds to my living room hygge with the low color temperature. My SAD this year has not been as bad as it usually is and while I am a believer in a comprehensive, holistic approach and don’t think there is a one-stop solution- I do think that the Skyview had a major part to play in reducing my SAD!”

Gayathri Unnikrishnan

Customer Reviews

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ihsan ali
free fire


Brandon Orther
Family Loves SkyView Lamps

I work with the BIOS SkyView lamp in my office and can attest to feeling more alert and focused when using it compared to my standard pre-existing lighting. I told my wife how I felt the lamp helped me get locked-in at work and that I was interested in testing how it would affect falling asleep and waking up. My wife really liked the esthetic lamp and asked me to order some for the house.

We use one lamp for our 2-year old's room and it's helped avoid a nightly (dreaded) battle over turning the lights off. The lamp shifts from the bright day mode into the darker evening mode without our son noticing. Instead of a battle over turning off the lights were gently shifting into sleepy time.

We also have the lamp in our main living spaces and bedrooms. Overall our family loves the SkyView lamp and it's been fun to show them to friends and family that have visited.

Aside from the family loving the actual lamps I was blown away by how fast they were shipped and delivered. I ordered them around 10:30 AM on a Monday and they arrive the next day around 2:00 PM.

It really works

I’ve been waking up earlier, and that’s incredible. This light really makes something on the biological level .

Jim Osei Jr
Quality made.

It is a good and quality therapy lamp. The design is very nice addition to any room style. I think is the Cadillac of all therapy lamps.

Maria Climent
Doesn't work.

I got it today, was very excited for it. After messing with the app, it turns out that the light cannot be changed on commands to "Sunset" or "Sunrise", but rather has to be tied to a certain schedule. Shame, since I am a person that works at crazy hours that vary, and would need to change the schedule every day in order to get the right light setting. Maybe a design flaw? I was gonna let it pass, but then came the issue. The lamp is faulty. I changed the schedule to my crazy hours, the app changed the lamp schedule...and the lamp remained unaltered. No change in color. It's supposed to be on nighttime mode and it's on daytime mode. I changed the schedule on the app, now it's supposed to be sunset...still daytime. I change the schedule to daytime and let it wait. The entire day passes and no changes on the lamp. I turn it on and off...suddenly it's nightime?? Honestly, for the money I paid I expected at least more customization options (or the lamp to work how it's supposed to).

Hi Maria,

We are so sorry to hear about your experience with your SkyView Wellness lamp. We would love to have the opportunity to fix the issues you are experiencing. Would you mind talking to one of our experts? If so, please reach us at