Science of Wellness

The Science of Light and Wellness


What Makes BIOS Different

Our wellness lighting ideates from biological science and is engineered to provide the light ingredients that entrain your circadian system to follow its natural rhythm, improving holistic health and wellbeing.

WELL Building Standard Compliant.

We make wellness lighting. And with industry’s high melanopic ratio, meeting WELL is easy with BIOS. 

ALW Lighting

Visual and Melanopic Balance.

The industry’s highest health and wellness light metric (m/p) for better sleep, better energy, and improved productivity through the incorporation of both melanopic and skin-based pathways.

Visual Comfort.

With CCTs of 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K, we’ve designed wellness lighting for circadian entrainment while being easy to work, live, learn, and play under.

Network of Partners.

Our industry-disrupting technology is compatible with standard dimming and control protocols, easy and inexpensive to install, and available through a range of our Illuminated Partners to suit your project’s needs and design.

Lighting that can Regulate Circadian Rhythms in Space

Despite seeing 16 sunrises a day, this lighting technology can successfully regulate an astronaut’s circadian rhythm to 24 hours.

We’re proud to say that the Subject Matter Expert for NASA’s International Space Station lighting system now leads our team — and he’s bringing space technology to earth.

Because your lighting should work with your biology, not against it.

Backed by Mother Nature and Science

Light sends signals to the body, and they can be received either through your eyes or skin. These signals create biological responses, many associated with your body’s internal clock. They may impact your mood, hormone production, energy levels, alertness, fatigue, and more. Bios Wellness Lighting is expertly designed to generate psychological and biological responses, offering the most comprehensive approach to biological wellness lighting.

Our unique incorporation of red peaks for skin-based pathways, 490 nanometers to generate melanopic responses, and color (CCT) specificity used to initiate psychological associations with time changes and respective circadian phases create a holistic approach to providing the best wellness lighting available (excluding the sun).

SkyBlue™ Technology

Although the science and engineering are complicated, getting better light doesn’t have to be. Our SkyBlue™ Technology uses visual, melanopic, and skin pathways to increase performance, safety, alertness, and concentration in interior buildings. All without compromising design or visual comfort.
Naturalizing Interior Light
SkyBlue™ technology brings natural lighting indoors, providing the wavelengths of the sun that your body needs for circadian entrainment and overall wellbeing.

Skin-based Pathways

Far-red lighting helps identify illnesses via cyanosis observation.

Melanopic Pathways

When photoreceptors in the eyes receive 490 nanometers, they communicate to the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (the body’s clock) that it is daytime, and biological responses follow, such as increased energy and avoidance of melatonin release.

Visual Pathways
Advanced technology merges visual acuity and comfort with high biological impact, so you don’t have to compromise. The color output of SkyBlue™ psychologically indicates daytime without stressing visual receptors.