The Li2 is a lightweight high energy efficient and high output indoor grow light solution providing unmatched performance and ease of use. With multiple mounting options including the RapidRack™ system, the Li2 can be installed without tools within seconds. Built to industrial grade standards with a smooth backed surface and cleanable glass lens makes it easy to maintain and ensure optimal light output, and is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant.

Indoor Grow Lighting That Is Naturally Brilliant™

The Li2 is a lightweight high energy efficiency LED (2.7 umol/J) with an output up to 2000ppf. This LED is a clear choice for your indoor flowering needs.

Unmatched Ease of Use in an LED Grow Light Solution

The Li2 comes standard with multiple mounting options giving you unseen versatility to easily integrate into any indoor operation. 

Grow light spectrum

RapidRack™ Mounting System

Introducing our new RapidRack™ mounting system. The industry’s fastest racking system allowing you to mount without any tools in seconds. Allowing you to get growing faster. 

Bios Lighting Icarus LLi
Bios Lighting Icarus LLi

Cable Suspension Mounting

Other mounting options include adjustable cable grippers that fit into our integrated T-Slot mounting system. Giving you any hanging distance from your canopy to achieve exactly the output and uniformity your crop needs. Simply pull the cable to raise your Li2, push the button to lower and twist to lock into place. 

Grow light mounting

Easy To Clean

The Li2 is built with a durable and cleanable glass lens to ensure maximum light output overtime. Simply wet a microfiber cloth and run it across the lens to ensure a dust and dirt-free lens. The Li2 is also a smooth backed fixture making the heatsink simple to wipe down and GMP compliant.

Bios Lighting Icarus LLi

Handle The Elements

The Li2 is watertight and IP66 wet rated to handle all the dirt and water you can throw at it. A truly industrial grade fixture that can handle the elements and provide you with a high ROI year after year.

Bios Lighting Icarus LLi

The Icarus Li2. Built With The Grower In Mind.