Meet our Luna 2015 LED Top Light

Engineered for Reliability and Durability

Introducing the new BIOS Luna 2015

Coming soon!

Remote power supply and custom Unistrut brackets for quick and easy installation.
The Luna 2015 is a powerhouse light featuring an ideal spectrum for vine crops and cannabis.
Ensures your crops get the supplemental light they need when it is needed most for consistent production cycles and crop quality year-round.

High Efficacy Greenhouse Spectrum

Performance Summary

Fixture Wattage: 665W
Voltage: 120-277 VAC, 277-580 VAC
PPF: 2015 μmol/s
PAR Photon Efficacy: (μmol PAR/J): 3.03 μmol/J


Features + Benefits

Streamlined silhouette eliminates shading.

7-Year Warranty

Ability to daisy chain multiple lights together to create zones for precise control across your facility

Cold-forged aluminum heat sink allows for passive cooling, eliminating fans,
moving parts, and noise.

IP66 Rated and easy to clean. Glass lens protects diodes Q90 >50,000 hours.

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