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Lighting to Boost Daytime Energy, Nightime Sleep, and Overall Health.

Get More Wellness out of Your Lighting

Do you ever feel tired during the day or have trouble sleeping? Are you gaining weight or lacking energy? Unhealthy lighting is linked to numerous health issues, including weight gain, irregular sleep, and fatigue. That’s because when your eyes receive light, your brain perceives it and produces physiological responses according to its ingredients.
When exposed to the wrong light, you might feel tired during the day, wired at night, experience mood disorders, or even weight gain.

Biology-First Approach

With NASA’s International Space Station circadian lighting Subject Matter Expert, an Olympic and professional sports teams Jet Lag mitigation expert, and research partnerships with governmental agencies and leading universities on light and health, our team of scientists make products that solve problems. And we do it using science.

Wellness Lighting, Not Tunable Lighting

Life changing, not color changing lighting; We make better lights for better health – Our proprietary spectrum closely matches nature, so you sleep better at night and have more energy during the day.

The SkyBlue™ Difference

Circadian rhythms are the cornerstone of health and wellness. These rhtyhms are managed by a blue sky sensor in our eye, which has a peak sensitivity at 490 nanometers. Only BIOS SkyBlue pinpoints this wavelength to deliver the healthiest lighting solution, 24/7.

Day & Night Wellness Lighting

Energizing light for your day spaces. Sleep-supporting light for your night spaces. And dynamic lighting solutions for spaces that — much like you — do it all.

Evening Wellness Lighting

After a hectic day, you come home to relax. We have the perfect evening lighting to help you relax and get your body ready for a good night’s sleep.

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