Endeavour 1750

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Wattage: 650W   PPF (μmol/s): 1,750   PPE (μmol/J): 2.7   IP Rating: IP66

The Endeavour™ 1750 is built for full-cycle indoor growing.

The industry’s quickest, tool-free install saves you invaluable time with a robust fixture and slim, sleek profile.

Features + Benefits

The Endeavour 1750 is an energy efficient and high output indoor grow light solution.

The industry’s quickest, tool-free install saves you invaluable time with a robust fixture and slim, sleek profile.

Ships with power supply and custom bracket to mount PSU directly on fixture.

0-10V dimming compatible.
Dimmer not included.

7-Year Warranty on Fixture and 5-Year Warranty on PSU. 

Flexible Deployment

Slim, lightweight design optimizes space and allows repositioning over the plant canopy in a variety of applications.

Spectrally Optimized

Optimized broad spectrum that maximizes photosynthesis and plant growth while also providing the ideal conditions for a comfortable visual experience and accurate crop assessment.

Budget Focused

Cost effective solution for a variety of grow light applications where multiple bars can be daisy chained and individually spaced to maximize coverage.

Energy Efficient

The Endeavour is a lightweight high-energy efficiency LED (2.70 umol/J) with an output up to 1,750ppf. This LED is a clear choice for your indoor flowering needs.

Engineered for unmatched reliability

Request a free light plan built to your facility specs and your plants' requirements.

Performance Summary
Fixture Wattage 650 Watts
Photosynthetic Photon Flux 1,750 μmol/s
Ingress Protection IP66
Voltage 120VAC-277VAC
PAR Photon Efficacy (μmol PAR/J) 2.7 μmol/J
Warranty 7 Year Limited

The BIOS Difference

Light Spectrum Focused on Biology

By researching plants at the cellular level, the scientists at Bios Lighting have connected specific light spectrum to key factors of plant growth.

We’ve applied our knowledge to the design of BIOS LED grow lights, and have created cultivation lighting solutions that drive production and enhance quality.

BIOS is focused on developing LED lighting technology that is backed by true grow science.

Originally Developed at NASA.

Your Indoor Growing Facility could be like the International Space Station. No… really. Plants have evolved for millennia under natural sunlight.  So when NASA wanted to grow plants in space, away from the rhythms and qualities of lighting they see on earth, they needed some impressive and innovative LED science and technology. And you can get that same science and technology from in BIOS grow lights.

Nature may have the best lighting… but BIOS isn’t far behind.

True Industrial Grade. Built to Handle the Elements.

We know a thing or two about extreme growing conditions- like the South Pole and the International Space Station. So, when we designed our industrial-grade lighting fixtures, they needed to provide the perfect lighting conditions for your crops in challenging indoor spaces, including vertical farming and greenhouses.  And with our IP66 rating, they will withstand humid, wet, and dusty environments. They’re tough as nails, easily cleaned, and can help reduce your maintenance and lamp replacement costs.

Plus, they come fully assembled and with tool-free installation.

They’re everything plants need…

and everything growers want.


The industry’s most reliable grow lighting.

Backed by the Industry's only 7 year warranty

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Talk to a Lighting Expert

BIOS is committed to helping growers and cultivators of all kinds succeed. We’re here to talk – we will connect you with a horticultural specialist from our team who will work with you to create an optimized lighting plan for your commercial cultivation facility. And it’s free. That’s how much we believe in our technology at Bios.