BIOS Flips the Switch on Wellness: SKYVIEW 2 Brings Unparalleled Benefits of Natural Light Indoors

Perfect marriage between technology and biology to improve mood, performance, and sleep.

(CARLSBAD, Calif.- July 18, 2023) – Natural light is mission critical to our overall health. A lack of exposure is linked to a host of serious physical and mental health issues. With this in mind, Biological Innovations and Optimization Systems (BIOS), the leader in human wellness lighting, today announced the launch of SKYVIEW 2, a first-of-its-kind, 24/7 wellness light that brings the extraordinary power of the sun and sky into our homes.

SKYVIEW 2 is powered by SKYVIEW™ technology, which works by cycling through brilliant sunrise, daytime, sunset, and nighttime hues throughout the day. These transitions positively impact the body on a biological level, similar to sunlight which regulates the internal clock via the newly discovered photopigment called melanopsin. This dynamic 24-hour lighting experience has been shown to increase productivity and focus, elevate mood and even improve sleep quality. In fact, Dr. Shadab Rahman, lead investigator at Brigham and Women’s Hospital Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders and Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Sleep Medicine, the leader in sleep and circadian biology, recently conducted an interventional clinical trial on the effects of SKYVIEW technology. In this study, the addition of SKYVIEW to standard office lighting resulted in the participants reporting being more alert, mentally sharp, happier and healthier.

“While decades of research has shown that light exposure can be alerting, typical office lighting falls short.  This is the first demonstration that an intervention as simple as using a high-melanopic plug in lamp to supplement typical office lighting can improve daytime alertness and cognition,” said Dr. Shadab Rahman.

“Every living organism on this planet needs sunlight to survive. However, we are spending 93% of our lives stuck indoors, which has resulted in disruption of circadian rhythms for over 90% of the global population resulting in a myriad of short and long term health consequences,” said Deepak Savadatti, CEO of BIOS. “What if we can bring the sunlight indoors to eliminate circadian disruption? That’s our mission.”

SKYVIEW is a modern innovation that improves both physical and mental well-being by combining sunlight and skylight, to deliver the benefits of natural light. “SKYVIEW 2 doesn’t just change colors, it changes lives. It delivers the most biologically effective wavelengths combined with beautiful color dispersions previously only seen in nature to deliver wellness benefits throughout the day and night,” said Robert Soler, Founder & Chief Scientist of BIOS.

SKYVIEW 2 easily syncs with the SKYVIEW app, available for both iOS and Android devices. The app enables the users to personalize the experience starting with sunrise, sunset, daytime, evening and night modes during the 24-hour cycle.

SKYVIEW 2 will retail for $449.99 and is now available for purchase at

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