Canada’s Island Garden Embraces the Future of Cannabis Production by Installing BIOS’ Icarus LED Grow Fixtures.

As the Cannabis market continues to expand in North America, many commercial production entrepreneurs have begun stepping into the future with LED grow lighting technology.  Edwin Jewell of Canada’s Island Garden has spent a career on commercial plant production for the non-Cannabis market is one of those visionaries.

“In doing my due diligence on LED grow lighting technologies on the market, I quickly learned that there are very few professional grade products designed for commercial Cannabis production.” Says Edwin Jewell.  “The robust design and performance was impressive, and the horticultural integration expertise that BIOS brings will be very important in integrating this technology in my facility.”

BIOS approach to creating high performance fixtures is to work back from what the plant requires.  “Having extensive knowledge and understanding of these plant requirements, not just the light, but all the environmental parameters and how they depend and interact with each other is key to designing LED products,” says Neil Yorio, V.P. of Agricultural Lighting Research at BIOS.  “We have focused our efforts on taking a scientific approach, and not conforming to speculation or other anecdotal requirements and have minimized the risky design features other competitors have embraced.”

Engineered for science, BIOS (Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems) is the leader in designing and manufacturing professional grade LED technology for biological applications.  Their extensive experience with integrating LEDs in this industry is based on decades of controlled environment research for crop production at NASA.

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