A total of 11 BIOS LED Grow Lights are now available for substantial energy rebates and incentives


Carlsbad, CA – April 26, 2021 – BIOS, a NASA spinoff and leader in engineering horticultural lighting built with the grower in mind, today announced its next generation of DLC certified BIOS Icarus LED Grow Lights. With higher efficacy, industry leading uniformity and superior long-term performance, BIOS Icarus fixtures provide everything a grower needs to ensure successful production for years to come.  By attaining the DLC listing for these products, growers can rest assured they are purchasing the most reliable, energy efficient and safest products available.

Commercial growers purchasing DLC certified grow lights receive the following benefits:

  • Qualification for state and local energy rebates and incentives
  • A full 5-year warranty
  • Third-party validated testing of performance and reliability

“DLC listed grow lights provide the grower with accurate third-party performance data, a sense of security and a menu of choices that a grower can trust.” – Doug Oppedal, Owner, CEA Lighting Specialist with Doug Oppedal Consulting

What makes BIOS Icarus™ a game changer for commercial growers?

  • Cleanable glass lenses to ensure maximum light output and uniformity
  • IP66 wet rated to enable years of operation in harsh growing environments
  • BIOS RapidRack™ mounting system– Save up to 12hrs of installation time* with a tool free mounting system

*Time calculation based on installing 200 Icarus™ Li2 or LLi

Sean Tegart, President and CEO of BIOS believes having a third-party validation through DLC benefits the market as a whole.

“BIOS strongly supports DLC and the service it is providing to the industry.  We are proud to offer a full portfolio of DLC listed products so growers are able to have the best data available when making lighting decisions.” According to Mr. Tegart, there are several lighting manufacturers who may be disingenuous in how they present their performance data.  “With a DLC listing, a grower can have confidence the data they are being given is what they will see in their facility” he says.

To learn more about our Icarus™ LED Grow Lights, visit https://bioslighting.com/plant/

To see BIOS DLC listed products, please go to DLC Horticulture Qualified Product Listing

About BIOS

Biological Innovations and Optimization Systems, LLC (BIOS) a NASA spinoff, is a recognized innovator in the biological application of LED lighting for people and plants. By starting with the plant cell biology and how plants respond to various wavelengths of sunlight, BIOS is able to deliver the perfect biological energy source that plants need to thrive. BIOS LED Grow Lights showcase high efficacy, industry leading uniformity, superior long-term performance and unmatched ease of use. Providing everything a grower needs to ensure successful production for years to come. BIOS is built with the grower in mind.