Carlsbad, CA, July 20, 2020- Axis Lighting announces its innovative partnership with BIOS Lighting.  Axis delivers high-performance LED luminaires for general, ambient and task lighting in offices, as well as in commercial and institutional spaces.Known for being forward-thinking and innovative, and always on top of the latest architectural design trends, Axis will be offering BIOS Illuminated luminaires with BIOS SkyBlue Technology – coming Summer of 2020.The Axis BIOS Illuminated portfolio is a beautiful marriage of form, design and science. Making it a game-changer in HCL (Human Centric Lighting) and Circadian Lighting design.

“We are very proud to be a BIOS Illuminated partners and offer a complete engineered portfolio of lighting solutions.” Howard Yaphe, CEO Axis Lighting

“Axis Lighting offers world class innovation, collaboration and coordination to its customers.  As a BIOS Illuminated partner, we are thrilled to offer yet another way for Axis to offer next generation circadian lighting in its lighting products.  By adding BIOS lighting solutions, Axis can now offer their customers an opportunity to improve their overall health and well-being in a beautifully designed lighting product.” Sean Tegart, President and CEO of BIOS Lighting

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Biological Innovations and Optimization Systems, LLC (BIOS), a NASA spin-off, is a recognized innovator in the biological application of LED lighting. Through continuous research and development, BIOS LED lighting solutions continues to be at the forefront of human-centric lighting and a leader in plant growth lighting. By integrating years of biological expertise, with science first developed for the International Space Station, BIOS is driving the circadian lighting market with a biology first approach and brilliant quality LEDs that can help achieve WELL Building Standards.


Founded in 1991 and still family owned and managed, Axis is an important source for architectural lighting across North America and around the globe.Over last two decades, the company has exhibited remarkable growth on the strength of a broad and expanding line of LED products and technologies at the cutting edge, such as SurroundLite®, Pose® ribbons of light, and SoftZone® acoustic lighting. Beyond its trademark innovation and quality, Axis adds value through responsive end‑to‑end service. By delivering on our brand promise of engaged creative collaboration and support, we have worked successfully with some of the most respected and influential clients, including Harvard, Princeton, Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Akamai and major law firms such as Aiken Gump and Skadden.