Carlsbad, CA, July 8, 2020-Your search for a modern and flexible lighting solution that contributes to meeting ALL relevant WELL Building Standards™, including circadian lighting design, glare control, electric light quality and sound absorption can finally come to an end.

Architectural Lighting Works (ALW), a BIOS Illuminated Partner™, has launched BIOS SkyBlue® with their flagship SuperPlane and CORE product lines. While traditional tunable white can change the appearance of light, ALW’s luminaires illuminated by BIOS SkyBlue® produce the healthy ‘skyblue’ light signal needed to stimulate human circadian biology – helping to increase productivity and promote a better night’s sleep.

SuperPlane is a highly versatile linear family of luminaires, with uncompromising optics and efficiency. Its proprietary ControlRoll lens rolls out and snaps into the fixture body, enabling designers to achieve long linear runs without worrying about unappealing light leaks or gaps in the lens.


SuperPlane (Acoustic) is useful for open offices or other shared spaces that require acoustic absorption, with a material NRC rating of 0.85, and the choice of an acoustic or accented metal endcap. The acoustic material is composed of 100% recyclable and fire-rated PET polyester, that is both durable and lightweight, maintaining remarkable acoustic absorption performance with minimal added weight.



CORE is the flagship cylinder product family rated for dry, damp, or wet locations. It is available in 3 sizes to fit a multitude of applications and 17 standard body finish options, as well as hundreds of other catalog colors and custom color matching.



To learn more about ALW’s product offerings with BIOS SkyBlue® check out:


Biological Innovations and Optimization Systems, LLC (BIOS), a NASA spin-off, is a recognized innovator in the biological application of LED lighting. Through continuous research and development, BIOS LED lighting solutions continues to be at the forefront of human-centric lighting and a leader in plant growth lighting. By integrating years of biological expertise, with science first developed for the International Space Station, BIOS is driving the circadian lighting market with a biology first approach and brilliant quality LEDs that can help achieve WELL Building Standards.



Architectural Lighting Works is an innovative, award-wining architectural lighting manufacturer based in Oakland, California, with a mission to Illuminate the Soul via a portfolio of over 75 linear, cylinder, and decorative luminaires. ALW has been creating inspiration and illumination since 2005 for clients such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Tesla, and Whole Foods.

ALW grew its portfolio of lighting options with the acquisition of decorative lighting manufacturer Neidhardt in 2017 and high-performance cylinder manufacturer v2 Lighting Group in 2019. ALW manufactures every product in North America, giving specifiers an unparalleled amount of creativity and flexibility in customizing their fixtures.