About BIOS

Our Story

As a NASA spinoff, BIOS is a biology-first company. We believe in the power of life. We create solutions that harness this power — and optimize it. We are helping people and plants adapt to modern life by blending evolutionary biology with revolutionary lighting solutions to make the world brighter.

What We Do

BIOS develops innovative lighting solutions to help plants thrive. Our innovative grow light solutions help improve yields, flower quality and drive efficiencies for agricultural businesses.

The BIOS Lighting team has a collective experience of more than 50 years in lighting research and development and are listed on more than 30 patents. Located along the “Space Coast” in Melbourne, FL, our headquarters are just south of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where BIOS continues to participate in support of NASA’s ongoing research programs.

We’re making the world brighter.
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Our team
& Expertise

We are physicists, biologists, engineers and designers. We are dreamers and doers. We are curious and passionate—a community of internationally-recognized scientists enthralled by the brilliance of life, and the allure of what’s possible. We are led by NASA experts who developed lighting solutions to help us reach the stars, and we’re bringing those innovations back to earth to enhance life, growth, health and happiness.

Our Partnerships

BIOS partners with lighting manufacturers to offer circadian lighting solutions Illuminated by BIOS.

Our Patents

BIOS Lighting engineers and scientists are on the cutting edge of lighting research, helping BIOS secure a number of patents for our innovative lighting solutions.
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