Not all lighting is created equal.

Icarus™ – Industrial grade, high performance, high yield LED fixtures.

BIOS Lighting, a pioneer in lighting technology for life, introduces the BIOS Icarus™ product line of industrial grade LED grow light fixtures. These lighting products provide broad “white” spectrum (not purple), along with the highest Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) photon efficacy in an industrial grade fixture for higher plant quality and yields. Professional grower benefits include:

  • Superior PAR output, photon efficacy, and light uniformity
  • Scientifically engineered spectrum for optimal PAR photon efficacy and plant growth
  • Fully assembled, UL wet rated, and durable industrial grade construction
  • Enhanced crop yield and quality
  • Total energy usage reduced by > 50%
  • 1-to-1 1,000W HPS replacement
  • >50k hours lifetime with no lamp changes
  • Smooth optics for spot free cleaning and superior light delivery over the life of the fixture
BIOS Lighting Icarus Gi grow light being used in marijuana grow facility

Solutions for standard and vertical indoor growing.

The product line includes the Icarus Gi for 1000W HID replacement and the Icarus Vi for vertical farming applications. Using these lighting products and the latest scientific research, BIOS examine five essential elements when optimizing every operation to precisely align your system with your needs:

  1. Optimizing lighting and increasing efficiency. Let us evaluate your plans or tour your facility. We will custom-build a program with products that work for you.
  2. Light distribution and uniformity. Let us evaluate your plans or tour your facility. We will custom-build a program with products that work for you.
  3. Finding the proper spectrum. Many agricultural LED lighting systems are based on irrelevant performance metrics. Let us show you how our products deliver on an optimized spectrum for both plant growth and PAR photon efficacy leading to superior results.
  4. Monitoring and adjusting your operation. We are fully dedicated to supporting LED integration and optimizing your system long after the lights go on.
  5. Finding the right products for your commercial needs.Commercial crop production requires industrial grade products.  Our products come fully assembled for immediate installation, are wet rated, completely solid state, and have no fans or other moving parts. Additionally, they are designed with optics that both protect the sensitive LED electronics as well as being easily cleaned to maintain superior light output over time.  These design considerations are incorporated to ensure that you have 100 percent uptime in your facility and a solution that lasts several years, not merely a few months.
BIOS Icarus Gi Configuration
BIOS Icarus Vi Lighting