Cannabis growing under BIOS Icarus Gi

BIOS Lighting. Finally, a clear solution for professional cannabis growers.

Typical lighting is optimized for human vision, rather than the growth of plants. BIOS is a science-based company and our products are engineered to create the optimal light spectrum that’s ideal for growing plants. That makes for more efficient lighting that increases yields and cuts energy costs.

Through thoughtful design and engineering, BIOS LED lighting consistently shows improvement in Cannabis crop yields and quality. We’ve conducted studies in professional growing facilities that show at least a 40 percent reduction in energy use and in many cases a >10 percent increase in yield. Read the case study with American Cannabis Company where BIOS significantly beat out 4 competitor LED lights.

The Right Stuff – Former NASA lighting scientists on staff.

BIOS is a collaboration between the leading minds in lighting. Our VP of Lighting Research, Neil Yorio, comes to us with more than two decades at NASA working directly on controlled environment crop production for long duration life support missions in space, as well as addressing issues like how to grow crops on a Lunar or Mars mission. Our leadership team comes from major lighting manufacturers and are listed on more than 30 LED lighting technology patents.

The only industrial grade LED grow light available.

There are plenty of lighting options on the market, but none of them combine the industrial grade quality, energy efficiency, increased crop yield and affordability that BIOS provides. BIOS lighting fixtures are solid state – there are no moving parts, which means there are a lot fewer things that can break down or wear out. They are designed to be tough, durable, and easily maintained for long lasting results.  Link to infographic.

Increased crop yield.

Large cannabis cultivation operations are very different than a basement grow – the home solutions that were used in the past just don’t work in an industrial, hyper-competitive market. Cannabis is a fast-growing crop that takes about eight weeks to go from veg plants to harvest. Even modest improvements in yield every 8 weeks can make a huge difference to your bottom line in this competitive field.

Neil Yorio At Marijuana Grow Facility

Increased energy savings.

Growing cannabis is very energy intensive. Some sources claim that a typical grow room has the same power density as a data center – about 200 watts per square foot. As the cannabis industry grows, the energy demands will only increase. The reduction in energy demand that BIOS lighting products deliver adds up to huge cost savings for growers.  And as the cost of Cannabis products decreases, being able to produce it at half the electric cost makes the grower that much better prepared to stay profitable and sustainable.

Measurable results.

BIOS has conducted careful studies with previous generations of our products in partnership with leading cannabis producers and universities to verify BIOS lighting impact on plant growth and crop yield. As we continue to develop new products, we will continue to work closely with industry leaders, labs and researchers.

Fast ROI.

BIOS LED lighting products have a long operational lifespan. In the Cannabis industry, an investment in BIOS lighting will typically pay for itself in 8 months through reducing energy demands and increasing crop yield. And BIOS fixtures cost less than competitors’ fixtures, making the decision to transition to BIOS products that much easier.

Purple haze.

There are some other LEDs on the market advertised as Cannabis “grow lights,” but many produce a purple light that can work well for plants, but is terrible for human vision – it’s much harder to monitor the health of plants or spot mold or pest problems; purple light has also been shown to cause headaches and eye strain for staff. BIOS lighting is broad spectrum (white) light that is ideal for plants without sacrificing the important benefits of having a spectrum that doesn’t negatively affect human vision.

Marijuana bud being grown under Icarus Gi grow light