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In agriculture, farmers have always relied on the sun to deliver the energy required to grow their crop.  However, many crop production operations rely on using electric light sources to either supplement sunlight, or be a sole source of light for their commercial crop production business.  Three are several legacy and non-optimized lighting technologies that were never designed or intended for supporting plant growth-yet are prevalent in the industry for this purpose.  Today, BIOS lighting LED technology can provide what plants need in purposely designed and optimized agricultural lighting products.

In 2015, BIOS Lighting introduced the Icarus line of LED lighting solutions for controlled environment agriculture. Before that time, the industry had endured several false starts of applying LED technology to grow facilities. Wild claims, magic spectrums, and lack of relevant products by many LED grow light manufacturers created confusion and frustration with indoor growers looking for a better solution than the energy expensive and potentially hazardous conventional HID lighting including metal halide and high pressure sodium.

Icarus™ LED grow lights.
A product line to grow your bottom line.

The Icarus line of LED grow lights include the Gi and the new Vi for vertical farming operations. Migration from legacy lighting systems to Icarus LED systems is easy with one to one direct replacement for 1000W HID lights. Icarus Gi and Vi fixtures provide superior PAR output and photon efficacy than legacy systems as well as reduced utility costs and LED fixtures that last several years instead of a few months.

Industrial grade construction.

BIOS Icarus grow light fixtures are industrial grade, built rugged, and technologically superior. Our grow lights are thoughtfully designed and engineered based on what the plant requires, not a re-purposed fixture designed for an entirely different application like many competitors.  They are delivered fully assembled, have a UL wet rating as a testament to their durable design and relevance to a controlled environment commercial crop production application, and very importantly have smooth tempered glass or polycarbonate optics that are easily cleaned to provide many years of outstanding performance.  As the industry’s only industrial grade fixtures, BIOS products have an excellent return on investment (ROI) scenario and a lower 5-year cost of ownership compared to HID systems.

BIOS Lighting Icarus Gi
Neil Yorio testing BIOS Icarus Vi grow light

Setup expertise available to growers.

Every grow facility is unique and requires a unique lighting approach. We can evaluate your facility plans or tour any commercial crop production facility and customize a lighting solution that will deliver superior results. This means assessing the environment, designing the best LED lighting solution, and working directly with the growers to successfully integrate LED fixtures with their horticultural protocols, monitoring performance metrics and optimizing the grow facility. This experience, expertise, and support is second to none in the industry.

Customer Testimonials

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Built to Last and Exceeded HPS

My time using the BIOS Icarus at Denver Relief was an eye-opener to how far LED technology has come in the cannabis cultivation space. Having tested different LED companies against our standard HPS before and having HPS win out every time in terms of yield Continue Reading

Hassan Khalatbari