BIOS Shows Off New Partners and Tech at LIGHTFAIR® 2019

This past May the BIOS team had an eventful time at the annual LIGHTFAIR® International, the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. We entered the conference with a bang, having finalized four new partners just before the event kicked off. The team also stayed busy managing our booth, which was robust with product demos and marketing collateral that attracted large crowds and lively conversation. Although the human lighting and agricultural lighting sides of the business differ in their displayed products, applications, and partnerships, BIOS came together as a whole with the common thread of light and life.

New Partnerships Pave the Way

We are excited to share the news that BIOS has four new partners, including Architectural Lighting Works (ALW), Lightheaded Lighting, Kurtzon Lighting, and Prudential Lighting Company. We look forward to seeing all the ways that BIOS technology can expand through collaborations with different lighting manufacturers. For instance, ALW manufactures a broad array of architectural lighting, from ambient and accent to archetypal and atypical, to illuminate interior environments. They are now incorporating our Illuminated by BIOS® technology to form ALW x BIOS®, which will offer healthier lighting products in a wider range of applications, such as healthcare, hospitals, classrooms, and hotels.

LIGHTFAIR® Highlights

From running our booth to celebrating innovations with other participants, our time at LIGHTFAIR® was action-packed and multidimensional. At the BIOS booth (#2653), we showcased what’s new both for human lighting as well as agriculture and answered streams of questions about our technology and its range of applications. There were very few horticultural lighting companies at LIGHTFAIR®, and none that matched the expertise of the BIOS team. It was a special treat to have two of our lighting experts present to lead discussions at the booth and throughout the event. Wei Sun, PhD, specializes in quality heat management and spoke to visitors on lighting design, while Rebecca Knight, PhD, gave impromptu lessons in horticultural light application and photobiology right on the spot.

It was encouraging to see such a high level of enthusiasm about BIOS technology for both sides of the business. The crowds loved our latest message around human lighting—“Color Tuning is a Placebo”—which sparked dynamic conversations around how SkyBlue® lighting communicates directly with our bodies at the cellular level, regulating our circadian biology and improving overall health. For our agricultural side, we displayed the Icarus product line, including the Icarus Li for light-weight high efficacy vertical farming, the Icarus Gi2 for open bed indoor farming, and the Icarus Ti for greenhouse and top-light applications. Discussions evolved organically around the potential for lighting technology to create meaningful change on people’s quality of life.

“LIGHTFAIR® was a big coming out party for our program, Illuminated by BIOS®. Agents and designers were thrilled to see all the new design options for our technology,” commented Robert Soler, VP of Biological Technology & Research at BIOS Lighting. It was also unique to represent both sides of our business—human and agricultural lighting—as no other companies present solutions for both spheres. Despite their differences, human and agricultural lighting are similar in their relationship between photoreception and orchestrated events downstream of that light capture. Also, they both have a focus on quality engineering and education.

Additionally, among the speakers at LIGHTFAIR® were our very own Neil Yorio, M.S., NASA veteran and current VP of Lighting Research for Agriculture at BIOS, as well as Robert Soler, M.S., also a NASA veteran and now VP of Human Research and Technology at BIOS. Yorio spoke on horticultural lighting for industrial applications with over 200 people in the audience, sharing his decades-worth of expertise in the quality improvements LED technology can offer and how it can best integrate with existing horticultural practices. Soler focused his talk on non-visual effects of light and how this applies for Education.

Just the Beginning

The conference culminated with an enchanting celebration hosted by our lighting partner Pinnacle. The wine flowed, the lights twinkled, and the fire dancers took our breaths away! Now that we’re back at homebase, we are focusing on another half dozen partners that we have in the pipeline. We are excited about how strategic partnerships can set new precedents not only in the lighting market but in the overall wellness of the general public. Stay tuned!

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