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At Bios, we’re movers and shakers. We’re always up to something. We could be increasing yields for growers of all kinds, retrofitting office spaces to promote productivity and employee well-being, changing lighting in a senior care facility to improve safety and reduce fall risk, working with growers to combat the food crisis, speaking on a podcast about the role of sleep in health and wellness, or creating new, every day, functional products that make life easier and healthier.

You never know what we might be doing… Come find out!


We inspire, educate and innovate the world through a biology-first approach to light.

Did you know that the International Space Station experiences 16 sunrises a day? And that irregular, unnatural lighting exposure was so harmful to astronauts’ cognition and physiological health that NASA hired lighting scientists to fix it? Did you know this also applies to plant physiology? Well, we did. In fact, that’s why Bios was founded – To make better light for better health, here on earth. The same science that regulates the sleep cycles of astronauts and growth cycles of plants, shows that traditional lighting solutions on earth aren’t so great, either. Our team, equipped with former NASA lighting scientists, wanted to change that. So we did. We used NASA-backed science and nature’s lighting recipe to create naturally brilliant lighting. Now, even inside, you can experience lighting solutions that align with the sun’s rhythms and qualities – just as nature intended.

Horticulture Lighting

We want your plants to thrive under our lights just as much as you do. But that’s not all we want. We want you to experience a quicker, easier setup. We want our lights to last longer so they can be an investment that pays you back. We want them to perform in any environment where your crops thrive. We want them to use less energy so you can keep more money in your pockets…

And speaking of which- how about reduced setup costs?

If you don’t love your grow lights, then you haven’t tried BIOS.

Horticulture Lighting. Engineered for Reliability. 

Home Wellness Lighting

We know your family’s well-being is important to you. But did you know that traditional lighting can negatively impact your mood, sleep, energy, and weight? Healthy habits can be hard to maintain – but our wellness lighting isn’t. With Bios, you can surround your family with a healthy environment that promotes better moods, regular sleep patterns, and holistic well-being – just by switching out light bulbs. Our everyday functional lighting products aligns your health with nature – so you can experience the benefits of proper lighting without having to think about it.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to lighting.
And we’re proud to provide you the best.

Architectural Wellness Lighting

What if your building could be more sustainable and improve human health?

  • Reduced energy use for a lower carbon footprint
  • Reduced maintenance and energy costs for a healthy bottom line
  • And improved wellness, happiness, and productivity for your occupants

And what if all it took was a change of our indoor light spectrum? Meet our Architectural Lighting line — designed to improve productivity, safety, alertness, energy efficiency, longevity, ambiance, and even meet International WELL Building Standards. We make buildings and people perform better.