Nightfall A19 LED Light Bulb


A Natural Nights Sleep

Reduces Alerting Blue Uplight By 700%

8W LED Replaces 60W Incandescent

Human sleep cycles revolve around the sun’s position in the sky — bright days and dark nights. Today, however, we spend most of our time indoors under constant artificial light.

BIOS Nightfall A-19 LED light bulb brings the outdoor beauty of a campfire indoors, reducing unwanted alerting blue uplight by 700% to create a tranquil evening environment that is not only conducive for a better nights sleep but also helps the environment by reducing skyglow.

Biological Benefits

  • Facilitates Sleep Initiation
  • Promotes Sleep Consolidation
  • Reduces Skyglow

A19 LED Bulb Specifications

  • 0.83 Daytime Melanopic  Ratio
  • 83 Daytime CRI
  • AC-120V / 60Hz
  • Standard E26 white base
  • Brightness: 650 lumens
  • Light color 2200K
  • Estimated life (based on 3 hours/day):  13.7 years
  • Estimated Energy cost:  $1.08 per years

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Biological Benefits

  • Facilitates Sleep Initiation
  • Promotes Sleep Consolidation
  • Reduces Outdoor Skyglow
  • Reduces Alerting Blue Uplight by 700%


  • Lamp Type: A19
  • Lamp Base: E26 (Medium)
  • Power (W): 8W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Rated LIFE (YEARS): 13.7
  • CCT: 2200K
  • CRI (Ra): 90
  • R9 >50
  • Light Output (lumens): 600 lm

Download the full A19 bulb spec sheet below.

BIOS Nightfall Spec Sheet



  • Do they work in 220-240V countries?
    • No, they only work in 110-120V countries at this time.
  • Do they come in different sizes?
    • Not at the moment.
You can see a big difference in the reduced uplight! Left lamp has Nightfall and right lamp has a generic LED bulb. Loving this bulb for table and bedside lamps!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
bios-Nightfall A19 Experience

Ever since I received my initial pack of Nightfall bulbs my wife and I have been amazed at the positive benefits we have experienced.
I was a little skeptical at first regarding the Companies’s claims regarding the technology and the health benefits, but now my wife and I are definitely enthusiastic believers
We have used the Nightfall A-19 bulb for a month now and noticed a positive difference in our quality of sleep already. I believe it works exceptionally well and I am thankful to find such an innovative company with this proven NASA technology. I have recommended This technology to not only my friends and family but to Industry associates to possibly get involved with this exciting and innovative company.
Roy R. Fort Lauderdale Florida

Night and Day

The difference in the light quality compared to the Costco downlights is like night and day. I had lasik done several years ago and with that I had more sensitivity to light. I'm not sure if its the high R9 value or what but my eyes have been less "strained" compared to traditional LED. I chose to write the review under this product because it's perfect bedside lamp to help calm the kids down before bedtime.