Nightfall A19 LED Light Bulb

Wattage: 8W LED  Brightness: 650 Lumens  Light Color: 2,200K Lamp Type: A19

A Natural Nights Sleep with the A19 Bulb

Reduces Alerting Blue Uplight By 700%

8W LED Replaces 60W Incandescent

Human sleep cycles revolve around the sun’s position in the sky — bright days and dark nights. Today, however, we spend most of our time indoors under constant artificial light.

BIOS Nightfall A-19 LED light bulb brings the outdoor beauty of a campfire indoors, reducing unwanted alerting blue uplight by 700% to create a tranquil evening environment that is not only conducive for a better nights sleep but also helps the environment by reducing skyglow.

A19 Bulb Biological Benefits

  • Facilitates Sleep Initiation
  • Promotes Sleep Consolidation
  • Reduces Skyglow

A19 Bulb Specifications

  • 0.83 Daytime Melanopic  Ratio
  • 83 Daytime CRI
  • AC-120V / 60Hz
  • Standard E26 white base
  • Brightness: 650 lumens
  • Light color 2200K
  • Estimated life (based on 3 hours/day):  13.7 years
  • Estimated Energy cost:  $1.08 per years

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Features + Benefits

The BIOS Nightfall A19 LED Bulb is designed to deliver the perfect light you need at night. Nightfall bulbs have beautiful (>90CRI, 2200K) amber light and contain significantly reduced stimulating blue light, making them ideal for bedrooms. Used as part of a healthy evening routine, Nightfall bulbs can help promote better sleep and make you more rested to take on the day tomorrow. Nightfall bulbs are also designed to limit upward light which makes them well-suited for outdoor applications where darker nighttime skies are desired or in areas where sensitive wildlife are present.


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Promotes Better Sleep

Delivers the spectrum of light you need to prepare your body for restful sleep.

Reduces Light Stimulation

Reduces the blue light to help wind your mind and body down for sleep.

Ideal for Bedrooms

The perfect nighttime light to relax your body and get to sleep faster.

Reduces Outdoor Skyglow

Helps the environment and sensitive wildlife by reducing skyglow.

Performance Summary
Lamp Wattage 8W LED Replaces 60W Incandescent
Lamp Type A19
Lamp Base E26 (Medium)
Voltage 120V
Rated Life (Years) 13.7
Light Output (lumens) 600 lm
Biological Benefits
Facilitates Sleep Initiation
Promotes Sleep Consolidation
Reduces Outdoor Skyglow
Reduces Alerting Blue Uplight by 700%

The BIOS Difference.

Biology-First Approach.

With NASA’s International Space Station circadian lighting Subject Matter Expert, an Olympic and professional sports teams Jet Lag mitigation expert, and research partnerships with governmental agencies and leading universities on light and health, our team of scientists make products that solve problems. And we do it using science.

Wellness Lighting, Not Tunable Lighting.

Our lights focus on healthy ingredients: sharp clarity, superior color for visual acuity, and a spectrum that closely matches nature, so you sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. We make better lights for better health.

NASA Approved.

Our team is led by the Subject Matter Expert for NASA International Space Station circadian lighting system.