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The BIOS Icarus® Ti2 LED grow lights offer maximum light output in a minimal footprint and durable form factor to boost crop production for greenhouse or indoor top light growing environments. The BIOS biology first approach allows for a scientifically engineered spectrum that maximizes photosynthesis and growth.


The Icarus® Ti2 is spectrally optimized to improve overall plant health and increase yield while providing a high output, energy efficient solution for all your lighting needs.

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Icarus Ti2 Power Supply Unit
1 × Icarus Ti2 Power Supply Unit
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Unique heat pipe thermal design allows for efficient passive cooling

No inferior features such as fans, moving parts, and noise

Remote 650W power supply (LED driver) for ease of installation.

Wet-rated with tempered glass optics to protect sensitive electronics

Optics cleanable allowing for maximum output over time

Industrial grade construction and durability

Optimized broad spectrum for all phases of plant growth

Superior delivered PAR output and PAR photon efficacy as compared to 1000W HPS

>40% less energy consumed and heat generated than 1000W HPS

Intelligently designed to provide uniform lighting across the plant canopy

Dimming option available to provide precise control of PPFD to meet your crop’s specific needs