ICARUS® Li 2 Bar


Not all plants require an intense PPFD. Nor are all grow operations working with flowering plants. With a cost-efficient design for micro greens, indoor home gardeners, and vertical farming we offer the new Icarus 2 bar Li Kit.  Inspired by the Icarus 8 bar kit sleek design the 2 bar kit measures at 44 inches long, 2 inches wide, and has a depth of about a 1 and a half inches. It also has a cover over the LEDs for easy cleaning applications. Included in the kit are mounting clips, 120V-NEMA 5-15P quick connect plug along with the 165 watt power supply.

All Fixtures

  • 0-10V dimming compatible.
  • Dimmer not included.

BIOS_Li_2-Bar Spec_Sheet

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“With decreases in our power bill and, increases in our overall yield, BIOS LEDs are a welcome addition to the Constellation Cannabis family. The performance, durability, and efficiency of these LEDs made BIOS a clear winner in our search for the perfect lighting solution.”

Jeffrey Hubbard

Constellation Cannabis

“These lights beat any on the market. Yields are over 2 per fixture right now and couldn’t be happier. After bulk discounts and energy rebates, they are very affordable and come in a durable and cleanable housing which is what helps them rise above. Love BIOS!”

Ricky Julian

Mothership Farms

“Overall the plants look really good and are filling in quite nicely. We are pleased with what we’re seeing, results seem to be on par with our expectations for this strain, possibly a bit better. The room climate has remained very stable. Temperature and humidity graphs are all very linear.”

Customer from the Northwest