SkyBlue® BR30 LED Bulb

Wattage: 8W LED  Brightness: 650 Lumens  Light Color: 1,900 3,500K Lamp Type: BR30

Daytime + Nighttime Circadian Lighting Solution

8W LED Replaces 65W Incandescent

SkyBlue® BR30 is a LED retrofit light bulb, powered by BIOS SkyBlue® patented circadian technology. BIOS SkyBlue® emits specific wavelengths that provide the same circadian benefits of the sun during a 24-hour period. Enabling you to have brighter productive days and sleepy nights.

Biological Benefits

  • Strengthens Circadian Rhythm
  • Increases Alertness
  • Enhances Productivity
  • Boosts Mood
  • Promotes A Better Nights Sleep


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Features + Benefits

Brighter Days, Sleepier nights. The BIOS SkyBlue BR30 lamp delivers the white light (with SkyBlue) that we need to be alert and productive during the daytime. The daytime SkyBlue signal also helps set our circadian body clock to help us achieve restful sleep at night. Using any standard dimmer, the nighttime mode is activated. In addition to dimming in brightness the actual light spectrum will change over the range of the dimmer. These bulbs are specifically designed to transition quickly from our SkyBlue enriched daytime spectrum to our blue free amber spectrum, making them ideal for use in living and working spaces that are used both day and night.


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Strengthens Circadian Rhythm

Delivering circadian light by bringing the natural outside light indoors.

More Productive Days

Provides mood stimulating and productivity-enhancing light during the daytime.

Promotes Better Sleep

Bio-Dimming technology that brightens during the day and dims during the night.

Patented Technology

Unique, all-in-one day/night circadian light source utilizing the peak spectrum of 490nm.

Performance Summary
Lamp Wattage 8W LED Replaces 60W Incandescent
Lamp Type BR30
Lamp Base E26 (Medium)
Voltage AC-120V/60Hz
Rated Life (Years) 13.7
Light Output (lumens) 650 lm
Spec Sheets
Biological Benefits
Strengthens Circadian Rhythm
Increases Alertness
Enhances Productivity
Boosts Mood
Promotes A Better Nights Sleep

The BIOS Difference.

Biology-First Approach.

With NASA’s International Space Station circadian lighting Subject Matter Expert, an Olympic and professional sports teams Jet Lag mitigation expert, and research partnerships with governmental agencies and leading universities on light and health, our team of scientists make products that solve problems. And we do it using science.

Wellness Lighting, Not Tunable Lighting.

Our lights focus on healthy ingredients: sharp clarity, superior color for visual acuity, and a spectrum that closely matches nature, so you sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. We make better lights for better health.

NASA Approved.

Our team is led by the Subject Matter Expert for NASA International Space Station circadian lighting system.