Icarus LED Grow Light Systems For Plants

Industrial grade high-performance, high-yield LED fixtures


One of the biggest challenges for indoor farming is to provide lighting technology that matches a plant’s specific biological need for the light they would naturally receive outdoors. Each type of plant needs a biologically-optimal spectrum of light that allows them to grow stronger and produce more yield.

With conventional high-pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights, plants are deprived of these optimal wavelengths of light to flourish. The heat generated by HPS lights also means they have to hang further from the plants, eating up valuable growing space. At the same time, while reducing heat, traditional LED grow light technologies emit less than optimal light for plant growth—and when it comes to growing cannabis especially, they are designed to produce a purple light that is not only terrible for human vision, but can also cause headaches and eye strain when trying to monitor crop growth or check for pests.

With BIOS Lighting, we’re creating a revolution with LED indoor grow lights that are engineered around a deep understanding of plant cell biology and how plants respond to various wavelengths of sunlight—emulating the power of outdoor light where it’s needed most. Using a biology-first approach, our next generation, industrial-grade ICARUS® Grow Light solutions provide energy-efficient and optimized broad-spectrum white lighting—along with industry-leading Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) photon efficacy—that naturally leads to better flowering and more yield than traditional HPS lighting systems or unsightly purple LEDs.



Indoor LED Grow Light Solution, Open-Bed Crop Production



Shallow tray, Growth Chamber, Vertical LED Grow Light Solution



Greenhouse LED Grow Light and Top Lighting



Greenhouse LED Lighting Solution and Top Lighting

BIOS Lighting Benefits

BIOS Icarus grow lights provide the optimal full spectrum of light that plants require to thrive from seedling to maturity—resulting in faster and more uniform plant growth, more robust plant flowering, and higher yields.

Because they are LED-based with solid-stage components, BIOS Icarus grow lights have a lifetime of up to 10 years and are designed to be tough, durable, and easily maintained for long lasting results. They have lower operational costs, use up to 50% less electricity, create up to 50% less heat, and provide a much more uniform light distribution—compared to traditional gas-filled high-pressure sodium or metal halide bulbs.

With the power to grow more and flower faster while leaving a minimal footprint, there’s only “room to grow” with BIOS Icarus LED grow light solutions!


  • Superior PAR output, photon efficacy, and light uniformity
  • Scientifically engineered spectrum for optimal PAR photon efficacy and plant growth
  • Fully assembled, UL wet rated, and durable industrial grade construction
  • Enhanced crop yield and quality
  • Total energy usage reduced by more than 50%
  • 1-to-1 1,000W HPS replacement
  • More than 50k hours lifetime with no lamp changes
  • Smooth optics for spot free cleaning and superior light delivery over the life of the fixture