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Biology First Lighting

As a NASA spinoff, BIOS is a biology-first company. We believe in the power of life. We create solutions that harness this power — and optimize it. We are helping people and plants adapt to modern life by blending evolutionary biology with revolutionary lighting solutions to make the world brighter.

Lighting Inspired and Designed by Nature

Spectrum matters. Each type of plant has a biologically-optimal spectrum of light that lets them grow stronger, and yield more. With conventional high-pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights, plants are deprived of the optimal wavelengths of light to flourish. The heat generated by HPS lights also means they have to hang further from the plants, eating up valuable growing space. While reducing heat, traditional LED grow technologies still handicap indoor growers by emitting less than optimal light for plant growth.


BIOS LED grow lights provide the optimal full spectrum of light plants require to thrive from seedling to maturity. The result is faster and more uniform plant growth, more robust plant flowering, and higher yields. In short, plants are healthier and produce more.

Built to Last and Reduce Energy

BIOS grow lights are LED-based and use up to 50% less electricity and create up to 50% less heat while providing a much more uniform light distribution. They also use solid stage components so they last up to ten years versus only a few months for traditional gas-filled high-pressure sodium or metal halide bulbs.


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