Mammalian Genetic Expression and Circadian Rhythmicity

By May 11, 2017 Hu Articles

Circadian Fact of the Day: Mammalian Genetic Expression and Circadian Rhythmicity
By: Robert Soler, BIOS VP of Human Biological Technologies and Research

Fourty-three percent of mammalian genetic expression is found to have circadian rhythmicity. Circadian lighting is so much more than just melatonin and productivity, and the light pathway is the key to keeping the master clock in sync. However, interior lighting is sending poor daytime signals, making our master clock’s confused and leading to potential health consequences. BIOS lighting with SkyBlue™ Technology provides critical daytime cues not found in other LED lights, making it ideal for daytime applications such as offices and school. Learn more about SkyBlue™ Technology here.


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