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Lyte POD 

How Its Made, A Circadian Lighting System 

BIOS Speaker- Robert Soler | LytePOD Host-Sam Koerbel

Brighter Day’s and Darker nights. CO-FOUNDER and VP of Research at BIOS,Robert Soler talks about what it takes to make a lighting system that can stimulate the circadian system in humans.  He also explains the metrics that are in place to measure this today and what they all have in common. 

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Lyte POD 

What The Heck Is Circadian Lighting?

BIOS Speaker- Robert Soler | LytePOD Host-Sam Koerbel

A buzz word turned scientific, circadian lighting has an effect on our livelihood. Join Robert Soler, Co-founder and CP of research at BIOS as we dive into what it means to have brighter days and darker nights. Electric light has so many benefits to the built environment, but Robert has something to say about how LED technology still has some hurdles to clear. 

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Shaping Fire

Plants, Humans, and the Cultivation Light Spectrum

BIOS Speaker- Robert Soler | Shaping Fire Host-Shango Los

The application of light to plants, whether it be sunshine or from electricity, is an important part of the overall skillset a cultivator needs to perfect their craft. On this week’s episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los talks with former NASA lighting scientist Robert Soler about some of the key threshold points in the relationship between the light spectrum and cannabis plants that impact all cultivators, clearing up some botanical myths that persist in cannabis cultivation, and a bit about how working under artificial lights impacts the lives of professional indoor cultivators.ology.

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Periodic Effects

Light Spectrums & the Circadian Rhythm of Cannabis

BIOS Speaker- Robert Soler | Periodic Effects Host-Wayne Schwind

Can the methods and tech from other Ag Crops be mimicked to grow cannabis? Or is cannabis unique and needs new solutions?  Robert Soler, VP of Research, of Bios Lighting. After a lighting solution for NASA and getting a PhD in Neurobiology & Behavior, Robert is now applying his knowledge to cannabis. We discuss the circadian rhythm in plants, genetics vs environment, light spectrums and past myths and failings of LED Light Technology.

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Transform Your Indoors With Human Compatible™ Lighting

BIOS Speaker- Robert Soler | Bulletproof Host-Dave Asprey

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Robert Soler from BIOS Lighting, who researches, engineers and designs lighting systems that work best for the human brain and body. We get right into the biology of lighting and why LED lighting has been your No. 1 enemy indoors for years.

BIOS and TrueLight have partnered to launch the first consumer lightbulb that works with your circadian rhythm, not against it. We’ve even captured exciting new technology: “We took out the bad blue and re-appropriated into the good blue region, giving those ‘sky blue’ signals that we need and getting rid of the bad blue in the shorter wavelengths,” Robert says.

Listen on to learn how key photoreceptors drive your circadian rhythms, and how this new bulb’s human compatibility features can revolutionize your light and your life.

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KIS Organics

Determining if LEDs are Right For You and Your Grow

BIOS Speaker- Rebecca Knight | KIS Organics Host-Tad Hussley

Rebecca is an engineer and R&D scientist with experience in a broad range of fields: science, engineering, marketing, and business development. She holds a Ph.D. in Plant Biology from the University of Texas, an M.S. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Purdue, and Chemical Engineering and Japanese undergraduate degrees.  She is passionate about vertical farming, horticultural LEDs, plant secondary metabolic pathway gene expression, and sustainable food production.  

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