Carlsbad, CA – August 31, 2022 –

Kenall now offers many of its best-selling luminaires with BIOS Skyblue technology. A NASA spin-off, BIOS Lighting promotes health and wellness using brilliant, high-quality architectural white light. It is the first artificial light spectrum to align with the key blue-sky signals (490nm) our minds and bodies need to encourage daytime alertness and promote a better night’s sleep.

The BIOS SkyBlue 490 nanometer spectrum communicates directly with the human body via non-visual photoreceptors in the eye, known as ipRGCs (photosensitive retinal ganglion cells). These ipRGCs contain melanopsin, a protein, which, when stimulated by light, sends a signal to the body to reset its cycle for the next 24 hours. This triggers several biological processes, including the production of cortisol for morning alertness, and melatonin for a restful night’s sleep. Lighting with BIOS SkyBlue optimizes this natural process without complicated controls, energy-sapping increases in illumination, or uncomfortable color temperature changes.

Kenall’s Product Marketing Manager, Lynn Walldorf, commented on the expanded product offerings:

“Specifiers are demanding more sophisticated lighting options, such as SkyBlue technology. Now, with one of the largest BIOS SkyBlue product assortments in commercial lighting, we can manufacture exactly what they need for their most challenging applications.”

Kenall now offers 38 luminaires employing this unique wavelength, including products for healthcare, education, corrections, manufacturing, and scientific environments.

“This partnership enables Kenall to deliver sustainable and high-quality commercial lighting fixtures with the naturally brilliant performance of BIOS SkyBlue LED Solutions,” said Sean Tegart, CEO and President of BIOS Lighting. “The new and extensive BIOS Illuminated portfolio introduced by Kenall brings innovation, high-performance design, and industry-leading circadian lighting solutions to the rooms and communities where people live, work and thrive each day.”

BIOS SkyBlue technology complements Kenall’s other narrow spectrum lighting products, including 405nm Indigo-Clean visible light disinfection, 530nm green for surgical suites, 570nm amber for photosensitive environments, and 630nm red for vivariums.

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About BIOS

Biological Innovations and Optimization Systems, LLC (BIOS) a NASA spinoff, is a recognized innovator in the biological application of LED lighting for people and plants. By integrating years of biological expertise, with science first developed for the International Space Station, BIOS is driving the circadian lighting market with a biology-first approach and brilliant quality LEDs that can help contribute to WELL™ Building Standards.   To learn more about our BIOS, visit

About Kenall

Kenall Manufacturing, an independent sector of Legrand, was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1963 and has built a reputation for durable lighting solutions of superior quality and exceptional value. Today, the company creates unique solutions for the healthcare, cleanroom/containment, food processing, transportation, high abuse, and correctional lighting markets. Kenall luminaires are designed in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and comply with the Buy American Act (manufactured in the United States with more than 50% of the component cost of US origin). For additional information, visit