WELL Building StandardTM

BIOS® is a proud WELL Keystone member and supports the WELL Building Standard . Our VP of Research, Robert Soler serves as both a WELL Advisor and Faculty Member.

The WELL Building Standard covers several core concepts of health — including air, water, materials, sound and light. WELL explores and informs how we can optimize buildings to promote and advance human health and well-being.

BIOS continues to build lighting solutions that advance and promote human health. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between research and design by furthering the education and application of circadian lighting, from partnering with research institutions to helping provide feedback that informs the Circadian Lighting Design metrics and protocol included in the WELL Building Standard.

The WELL Building Standard
BIOS lighting provides industry-leading LED solutions

BIOS lighting provides industry-leading LED solutions that gives designers the tools they need, contributing toward satisfying Circadian Lighting Design Feature 54 under the WELL Building Standard v1 and Feature L03 under the WELL Building Standard v2. BIOS SkyBlue® circadian lighting technology outperforms all traditional phosphor-converted white LEDs on the market, and offers the highest melanopic to photopic lux ratio (m/p ratio) for a given color temperature. With this high m/p ratio, BIOS is able to provide the increased melanopic content at color temperatures that designers prefer and that clients have come to expect.

BIOS lighting solutions also meet other features within the WELL Light Concept, including color quality offering 83+ CRI and R9 values at 90, visual comfort metrics, and higher m/p ratios at any color temperature than traditional LEDs.



BIOS + WELL Building Standard ™ v2

Circadian Lighting Feature
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