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Our Story

As a NASA spinoff, BIOS is a biology-first company. We believe in the power of life. We create technologies that harness this power — and optimize it. We’re helping people adapt to modern life by blending evolutionary biology with revolutionary lighting solutions to make the world brighter.

What We Do

BIOS develops innovative lighting solutions that help humans thrive. Our SkyBlue® circadian lighting helps people to function at a higher level — and live healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Our Story
We’re making the world brighter.

Human Lighting for the Earth. And the stars.

The seeds for what would become BIOS were sewn at NASA, where subject matter expert and BIOS Vice President Robert Soler developed circadian lighting technology for the International Space Station (ISS) to help astronauts achieve healthy sleep patterns in an environment where the sun rises and sets every 90 minutes.

Space is an unforgiving place where small mistakes can mean deadly consequences. In order to keep astronauts alert, focused and safe, NASA needed a way to help them regulate their sleep schedules. Soler and other NASA scientists went to work on an LED system that would signal their bodies when it was time to sleep and time to wake by communicating directly with the astronauts’ circadian biology. The lighting technology they created remains in use on the ISS today.

SkyBlue circadian lighting is an evolution of that technology. Today, BIOS integrates SkyBlue lighting solutions into earth-bound applications that create a more natural environment for indoor spaces, promoting healthier circadian rhythms, healthier sleep patterns and overall well-being for everyone.

Human Lighting  for the Earth. And the stars.
Our team & Expertise

Our team & Expertise

We are physicists, biologists, engineers and designers. We are dreamers and doers. We are curious and passionate—a community of internationally-recognized scientists enthralled by the brilliance of life, and the allure of what’s possible. We are led by NASA experts who developed lighting solutions to help us reach the stars, and we’re bringing those innovations back to earth to enhance life, growth, health and happiness.

Our Patents

BIOS Lighting engineers and scientists are on the cutting edge of lighting research, helping BIOS secure a number of patents for our innovative lighting solutions.
Our Patents