Safe and Healthy LED Lighting

Begins with an understanding of light, and our biological response to it.

Human Lighting Solutions

Indoor LED lighting from BIOS can get people back on track with their circadian clocks. In 2016, BIOS Lighting revolutionized lighting with the introduction of BIOS SkyBlue™ LED technology.  SkyBlue infuses natural blue sky spectrum into LED light – bringing the benefits of natural light indoors.

SkyBlue Technology Products

Is your body clock set on snooze?

Circadian Rhythm is the human body clock that operates critical functions including the production of testosterone, growth hormone, cortisol, and melatonin. These hormones have a direct influence on a body’s overall functionality in key areas.






At BIOS we are experienced in providing safe, healthy lighting

ideal for use in

Senior Living Facilities

Sports & Fitness Facilities

Office Interiors

Schools & Colleges

Aviation & Space Applications

Military & Defense Applications

Government & Community Venues

Transportation & Infrastructure

Manufacturing & Mining Operations

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Ready to use BIOS healthy lighting?

Top lighting manufacturers are integrating BIOS SkyBlue™ technology into their fixtures.  Look for the “Illuminated by BIOS” icon.

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Based on Science

Healthy Lighting on International Space Station

Several BIOS employees researched and developed the LEDs now being used in the international space station! It doesn’t get much more sustainable, health-conscious, or environmentally controlled than outer-space… Take a journey over to our Plant Lighting Solutions page to learn more about healthy lighting for plants.

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