Fixing Circadian Dysfunction

By June 9, 2017 Hu Articles

Circadian Fact Friday – Fixing Circadian Dysfunction
By: Robert Soler, BIOS VP of Human Biological Technologies and Research

Fix circadian dysfunction with a weekend camping trip. This is done through proper delineation of day versus night. This winter study, combined with a previous summer study shows the capacity of our rhythms to adapt to long and short days. BIOS is designed to bring critical daytime signals, not found in traditional LEDs, into your office and classroom; helping you get closer to the outdoors everyday. For more information on our technology and where to get it, click here.

**I will add a caveat of disagreement I have with the study, where this researcher places a blanket statement that states modern society makes everyone “late preferring people”. I think there are a large amount of early birds who would agree this is not exactly true.

The link provided only provides the abstract. Contact us for the full paper.

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