BIOS Lighting lab test

Custom Lighting Solutions and Expert Consultation.

Not every project can be forced into a standardized approach utilizing existing lighting fixtures. Custom applications require unique specifications that match the projects demanding requirements. Our design team’s technological tool box enables BIOS to manage every aspect of a custom project. We collaborate with you to develop and implement products that meet your requirements, both in performance and budget.

Our industry respected engineers and experts have consulted and collaborated on notable projects such as:

Amazon Tree Canopy

Amazon, Seattle’s largest private employer installed an extraordinary workplace, surrounded by a cluster of office buildings and an iconic greenhouse complex to act as a refuge for employees who work in Seattle’s concrete jungle. The indoor temperature and humidity are optimized to make it comfortable for employees. Healthy lighting technology and expertise were provided by BIOS consultants.

Amazon Tree Canopy construction
Interior of Amazon Tree Canopy

International Space Station

Astronauts on the International Space Station see a sunrise every 90 minutes or so, which leads to some seriously messed-up internal clocks. Sleeping pills help a bit, but now scientists think they can game circadian rhythms more naturally—and effectively—with new dynamically changing spectrum lights. BIOS VP of Human Biology Robert Soler served as the Subject Matter Expert in LED lighting on this project, as well as created the initial concept and prototype.

Healthy Lighting Aboard International Space Station

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The technology of LED lighting is lending itself to more and more applications. What we like to call “LED 3.0” now offers unique and creative lighting solutions. Rather than deal with standardized lighting, we work with architects, interior and lighting designers and technology partners to deliver customized lighting and controls.

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