Cortisol Awakening Response – The Reason We Wake Up Around The Same Time Each Day

By May 5, 2017 Hu Articles

Circadian Fact of the Day: Cortisol Awakening Response
By: Robert Soler, BIOS VP of Human Biological Technologies and Research

Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) is a circadian process designed to get us out of our sleep-inertia-grogginess each morning. You may notice it as your ability to wake up without an alarm clock, no matter what time you went to bed. Unfortunately, for some this comes too early, leaving them unable to sleep-in and catch up on sleep lost from a long week. For other it comes too late, leaving them feeling groggy and in search of caffeine. The reason it can come about at the wrong time is due to confusion of our clocks caused by poor daytime cues from indoor lighting. Adding the right daytime signals can help make sure your Cortisol Awakening Response comes at the RIGHT time. BIOS SkyBlue LED Technology is a simple static spectrum solution designed to provide critical daytime signals, not found in legacy LED product, ideal for the office or classroom. For more information on SkyBlue LED Technology, click here.


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