Circadian Solutions For Your Home

    Brighter Days, Sleepier Nights

Inspired by Nature. Powered by BIOS SkyBlue®, Our Game-Changing Technology.


Your home is your sanctuary, and now more than ever you’re spending more time inside of it.  More time at home means even more exposure to artificial lighting from lighting fixtures and harsh LED screens — that is, until now.  

BIOS is now offering a curated collection of circadian LED lighting solutions for your home.BIOS patented technology emits specific wavelengths of light to entrain your circadian rhythms as nature intended. This very same technology was originally developed to light up the International Space Station.

Now, BIOS is exclusively bringing it to you and your family, so that your sanctuary can be a place of peace, not stress.

How BIOS SkyBlue® Works

The all-new BIOS SkyBlue® light bulbs, powered by BIOS SkyBlue® LED technology, emits specific wavelengths that provide the same circadian benefits of the sun during a 24-hour period. 

During the daytime, it infuses the critical sky-blue spectrum (490nm) to increase alertness, improve focus and boost your mood. For your safety, the SkyBlue® technology emits minimal light in the blue light hazard region associated with retinal injury.  

At nighttime, the SkyBlue® bulbs dim to a cozy warm amber, removing all blue light for the perfect nighttime lighting solution. This removes the sky-blue spectrum and creates a warmer atmosphere that promotes natural melatonin production and better sleep.

Currently Available In The Following Sizes

 A21, BR-30

Perfect for table lamps, nightstand table lamps and decorative pendant fixtures.


Single Bulb