BIOS Lighting Featured in NASA Publication

Each year NASA highlights NASA-originated technologies that have led to successful commercial products. Read about the NASA origins of BIOS Lighting and other cutting-edge technologies by downloading the NASA 2018 Spinoff PDF.

2018 Spinoff Issue


The article details the work of Neil Yorio (VP Agricultural Lighting) and Robert Soler (VP Human Biological Research and Technology), who met at the NASA Space Life Sciences Lab where they were experimenting with LED Lighting technology for space applications.

Neil and Robert focused on photosynthesis and human biological cycles, respectively, and their work resulted in the cutting-edge technology now implemented in the Human and Agricultural LED product lines at BIOS.


“Two former Kennedy Space Center contractors are using expertise gained from NASA work in LED lighting to benefit agriculture and human health.”

-NASA “Spinoff” Publication, 2018

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