Our BIOS Technology Partnership

BIOS SkyBlue™ LED Circadian Lighting Solutions promote health and wellness using brilliant, high-quality architectural white light.

BIOS SkyBlue is the first circadian light to align with the key blue-sky signals (490nm) our minds and bodies need to encourage daytime alertness and promote a better night’s sleep.

With a peak energy emission at 490nm, BIOS SkyBlue offers the highest melanopic ratio at standard color temperatures (3000, 3500K, 4000K) for comfortable and energy efficient illumination that supports healthy circadian rhythms, allowing you to work more productively, sleep more soundly, and live healthier.

BIOS Features & Benefits

• Industry leading melanopic (m/p) ratios (3000K, 3500K, 4000K)

• Brilliant color quality for visual comfort (CRI 80+ and R9>90)

• Simple lighting controls, single-channel dimming, compatible with 0-10V
and wireless controls, also compatible with 2-channel controls.

• Contributes to WELL Building Standards™ v1 and v2 Circadian Lighting Feature

Sales Resources

The BIOS Wellness Team is here to support you with client meetings, project proposals, specifications, educational training, as well as content and materials.

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BIOS Partnerships

nLight® Controls — Quick Reference Guide Coming Soon!

BIOS Powerpoint Slides

Add your contact information to the end of this deck and use to introduce your clients and specifiers to BIOS Wellness Lighting.

BIOS Decision Tree and Specifications

Use this simple PDF to help specifiers decide which BIOS module they would like to use for a project. Side 2 includes the specifications needed to complete a project bid or RFP.

Science and Technology

Learn more about the science of light and wellness benefits behind our technology.

Quick Reference Guides

Share these brochures and application examples with specifiers or clients looking to use BIOS SkyBlue in a variety of environments.

BIOS SkyBlue for Shift Workers

We are happy to lead discussions and answer questions about the wellness and productivity benefits BIOS SkyBlue delivers during daytime hours or shifts across day and night hours.


Project Request Form

In order to improve the BIOS Illuminated program we would like your assistance on new projects.

Submitting this form online not only supports the BIOS warranty, but it will enable us to schedule a BIOS Circadian Auditor to complete an analysis of the final space with you.

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