BIOS Partnerships

Scientific partners in industry, government and academics

BIOS Lighting staff partners with universities and organizations leading the development of biologically optimized LED lighting and controls technology. These lighting technology development partners include:

  1. Denver Relief: Denver Relief is one of the leading organizations working to bring cannabis to both the recreational and medicinal markets safely and responsibly for consumers in Colorado. We are testing programs with them on spectrums and other environmental factors to help growers improve quality with higher chemical profiles and increase their yields. Current results are showing increased yields of at least 10 percent or more.
  2. Aquaculture TK: Aquaculture has several commercial applications in drugs and beauty products we commonly use every day, including anti-inflammatories and sunscreen. Creating reef-like environments in which these marine organisms will thrive is essential to further research and development in this field. We are working with TK to develop lighting systems that mimic the essential components of the light spectrum they would naturally see in the ocean. This will enable scientists to re-create these environments in an industrial setting, maximizing the benefits gained from these reef organisms without disturbing our delicate ocean ecosystems.
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