Introducing Icarus™

Introducing Icarus™

The BIOS® Icarus™ is the agricultural industry’s highest Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) output LED fixture that also boasts the industry’s highest PAR photon efficiency. The fixture has an optimized spectrum that maximizes photosynthesis and plant growth as well as providing a broad spectrum that is suitable for human vision. Engineered for science, this unique truly industrial grade plant growth production instrument fills the market need for high performance, high output, energy efficiency, and competitive cost that is lacking in the LED grow light market today.

Lower Your Operating Costs and Increase Your Revenue with BIOS

Lighting fixtures are a significant financial investment. Traditional HID and fluorescent lighting provide low cost solutions, but come with health risks and high operating expenses. BIOS lighting solutions take advantage of all the benefits inherent in LED, including lower operating costs, long-life and smaller heat profile while also adding biological benefits. As a result, the Return-On-Investment (ROI) rapidly negates any of the cost savings associated with less expensive traditional lighting technologies.

Introducing the next generation of LED technology:

The People Behind BIOS

Meet the BIOS Lighting team, industry leaders focused on developing and building world-class solutions for the biological lighting market.

Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems – BIOS


What’s In a Name? EVERYTHING!

Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems (BIOS) is a company dedicated to providing our customers a superior lighting experience. Through our continuing research and development activities, we are driving the latest discoveries in biological systems and innovating our LED-lighting systems to take advantage of these new findings. This results in our ability to provide biologically optimized lighting systems for people, plants and animals.

  • People – We can provide a lighting environment to improve overall health and productivity
  • Plants – We can provide lighting to enhance growth and increase yield
  • Animals – We can provide lighting to reduce stress and increase production.

Every living thing has a biological system – it is only now we are gaining an understanding of the true impact light has on those systems. Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems will continue to be on the forefront of this research and provide our customers with the most biologically optimized solutions available.

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