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BIOS Lighting

Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems (BIOS) is a company dedicated to providing our customers superior lighting. Through our continuing research and development activities, we are driving the latest discoveries in biological systems and innovating our LED lighting systems to take advantage of these new findings. MORE

Our tech really is rocket science. We have two former NASA engineers on staff, one – an industry pioneer in lighting for plants, the other in lighting solutions for humans and animals. Today, the BIOS team has 11 provisional patents filed and has advanced LED lighting to new heights.

This results in our ability to provide biologically optimized lighting systems for:

  • People – We can provide a lighting environment to improve overall health and productivity
  • Plants – We can provide lighting to enhance growth and increase yield
  • Animals – We can provide lighting to reduce stress and increase production.

Every living thing has a biological system – it is only now we are gaining an understanding of the true impact light has on those systems. Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems will continue to be on the forefront of this research and provide our customers with the most biologically optimized solutions available.

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BIOS Lighting.
Shining a light on a health problem.

Electric light is an epidemic with several negative impacts. It disrupts our natural rhythms and has altered our relationship with natural light. It has changed what millions of years of evolution entrained in our bodies.

On average, 90% of our time is spent indoors under electric light. Unfortunately, electric light does a poor job mimicking the sun, making our days dimmer, our nights brighter, and our biology confused. Our bodies were designed to sync up to the one true constant in life, the sun.

Is your body clock set on snooze?

Circadian Rhythm is the human body clock that operates critical functions including the production of testosterone, growth hormone, cortisol and melatonin. These hormones have a direct influence on a body’s overall functionality in key areas including sleep, alertness, cognition, metabolism, and performance.

Healthy lighting with SkyBlue™ Technology.

New indoor lighting from BIOS can now get people back on track with their circadian clocks. In 2016, BIOS Lighting revolutionized lighting with the introduction of BIOS SkyBlue™ LED technology. MORE

The science, guidance & performance growers need to capitalize on LED technology.

In agriculture, farmers have always relied on the sun to deliver the perfect recipe of light – with mixed results. Today, BIOS lighting technology can provide what plants need most without help from mother nature.

In 2015, BIOS Lighting introduced the Icarus line of LED lighting solutions for agriculture. Before that time, the industry had endured several false starts of applying LED technology to grow facilities. Wild claims, magic spectrums, and poor service by many LED grow light manufacturers created confusion and frustration with indoor growers looking for a better solution than the expensive and toxic conventional HID lighting including metal halide and high pressure sodium.

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Icarus™ – Industrial grade, high performance, high yield LED fixtures.

BIOS Lighting, a pioneer in lighting technology for life, introduces the BIOS Icarus™ product line of industrial grade LED grow light fixtures. These lighting products provide broad “white” spectrum (not purple), along with the highest Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) photon efficacy in an industrial grade fixture for higher plant quality and yields. MORE